Featured Book – Neanderthal – a Sci-fi novel

This is one of the most popular books I have put out under the alias of Ron Forsythe. An easy flowing novel with twists and turns.

What happened to the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago? They had larger brains and were more intelligent than us. Why did they disappear?When the President of Brazil begins a project to build a highway through the middle of the Amazon he knew that he was going to provoke a response – little did he envisage what earth-shattering results it would end up becoming. This story delves into the very psyche of humanity and how people might respond when confronted with an alien invasion from a superior race. A Science Fiction story like no other.

If you fancy a good read it can be purchased in digital or paperback from the links below.

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Newsflash – Latest Sci-fi novel ‘Neanderthal’ now available!!

As part of my prestigious Ron Forsythe Science Fiction novel collection I have just released Neanderthal!

It is available in both paperback and digital from Amazon!

This tells the story of an alien encounter like no other!

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Reawakening!! Is the world ready for Reawakening??

Dear friends,

Reawakening – the stand alone sequel to God’s Bolt is now available in paperback!

Available from all Amazon outlets!

My best book yet!!

Make my day! Buy twenty copies and give them as presents!! Help get it to the top of the best sellers!!

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God’s Bolt – A Sci-fi novel – the story

Long ago I had this idea of limiting the scope of a novel right down to the narrowest I could possibly get. Could I write a book with only one character? It was quite a challenge.

Eventually I realised how to do it. My heroine was stranded on the space station as the Earth was destroyed. She was on her own. What did she do? How did she feel?

Of course the novel turned out to have a lot more characters than that. There was all the back story to fill in, her family and life and her fellow astronauts. There’s also her work on Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

I was delighted with the outcome, though I had to restructure it a couple of times to make it work.

If you’d like a copy it is now available on Amazon:

In Digital format:

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God’s Bolt – A Sci-fi novel – the cover – What do you think?

Once again I have resorted to the artwork available through Kindle in order to create this cover. I wanted to create a more orthodox cover to the ones I have been producing from my own artwork and photography.

The moment I saw this photograph I knew it was perfect for what I needed. Helen Southcote is left stranded on the Space Station as the Earth is destroyed. This photos captured that for me.

The interesting thing is that the paperback and digital versions came out different to each other. This is due to the vagaries of the cover design system provided by Kindle. It is limited.

I really like the result. What do you think?

The paperback version is on the left. I prefer the Kindle version on the right but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that.

In Digital format:

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Cheers – Opher


God’s Bolt – A Sci-fi novel – the paperback

Even more exciting for me is the release of my latest Sci-fi novel. God’s Bolt has taken me a long time in the writing. I had to restructure it twice in order to make it flow better.

At last I have completed it and have it in a shape that I’m happy with. Thanks must go to my editor Chris who has been a font of ideas and suggestions for improvement.

The other good news is that I went straight on to write a sequel and that is in the process of being edited right now. Exciting times.

If you would like to get your hands on a tangible product straight out of the hot flames of my mind here’s your chance:

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Writing update – Coming up for air!

I am presently working on two books simultaneously. God’s Bolt and its sequel, which I am renaming Reawakening.  I’m not sure that is a great idea because it means I am having to juggle both books in my head at the same time and that sometimes leads to confusion.

Both the books have been through a number of editing/rewrites. Both are now radically changed from what they started off as.

God’s Bolt was an idea I have had buzzing around my head for some twenty years. As with many musicians I like the idea of limiting myself. I wondered if it was possible to write a novel with just one character. This is that book.

It is a Sci-fi novel set in 2178. My character is a young woman who is on a Space Station as the rest of humanity is wiped out (along with all life on Earth) by an asteroid strike. My story is about her – Helen Southcote.

God’s Bolt does not only feature the one character. I had to fill in the back story and elaborate on the asteroid.

It begins with the destruction of the Earth and goes back and forward from there. What would you do if you were the last living human stuck out on a Space Station in space?

I wrote it in one format and carried out two rewrites when a discussion with my editor friend made me think that the structure of the book was wrong. That prompted a complete restructuring and rewrite which I completed a couple of weeks ago. It was a major exercise. What came out the other end was a great improvement that I was well pleased with.

So God’s Bolt is now back with my editor and another friend and I am awaiting their verdict as to whether it works. I think it does. The proof will be in the reaction.

On the day I had completed the first draft of God’s Bolt I was discussing it with my editor friend who suggested the idea for the sequel. It fired me up and I went straight home and started work on it. The result was Reawakening. 

Reawakening continues the story of Helen Southcote but adds in an alien dimension.

After I had written Reawakening (which came out remarkably quickly). I sent it off for editing. It received very positive responses but there were the same comments about it’s bittiness and that it jumped about too much.

While Reawakening was being read I was busy rewriting and reworking God’s Bolt. It became apparent that I had to carry out the same reorganisation on Reawakening  that I had carried out on God’s Bolt.

In many ways it is harder drastically reorganising a novel than it is starting from scratch. It’s like restructuring a house.

Last night I finally put it all back together and I am delighted with the result. My editor said on first read that it was the best book I’ve written to date. I think it might be.

I’m printing it off today to take round to her to edit and review. I think she’ll be impressed.

So now both projects are complete. Both are, or will shortly be, with editors. I await their responses.

I am hopeful that both books will be available in a month or two. I can’t wait to hold them in my hands. They have taken a great deal of time and sweat.

Now I’ll turn my attention to my Nick and Roy Harper books.

Featured Book – The Gordian Fetish – A Sci-Fi Novel – The Pen-name.

Interestingly I wrote this novel under the pen-name of Ron Forsythe. I had thought for some time that lumping all my various books together under one name was counterproductive. It seemed a good idea to separate the different genres out into distinct groups.

For that reason I decided to collect my best Sci-Fi Novels together under one umbrella name.

I selected the pen-name Ron Forsythe because Ron was my father’s name and Forsythe was my grandmother’s name. It seemed to go together.

This is the first of my Sci-Fi novels to come out under this name. I intend to select my best Sci-Fi books, re-edit, give them different covers and put them out under the same umbrella name.

Ron Forsythe will be my Sci-Fi writer persona.

If you are tempted to have a read of one of my Sci-fi books in either paperback or digital I have provided some links below:


My best Sci-fi books in the USA:


Ebola in the Garden of Eden










Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar






Sorting The Future




My best Sci-fi books in the UK:


Ebola In The Garden Of Eden.




Sorting The Future








Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar