Quantum Fever – Fabulous new Sci-fi novel now out in paperback!

Quantum Fever – Fabulous new Sci-fi novel now out in paperback!

The latest in the Ron Forsythe set of Science Fiction novels is now available in paperback!

A great read! A great Christmas present!

Order yours now from Amazon!

In the UK:


In the USA:


In India:

For some reason India does not seem to always present my books in paperback form. I will chase this up!

Featured Book – Star Turn – Intergalactic Rockstar – The Cover

I designed the cover using one of my own paintings.


The painting was entitled ‘Warhead’. I had envisaged a malevolent face in a nuclear explosion. The embroiled flames of the mushroom cloud was a livid red brain with the sulci and gyri of the folds of the cerebral cortex. Two eyes peered out from under the umbrella of the mushroom cloud. The funnel of superheated gas was a nose and the lips were the spreading ground explosion.

I felt it was an appropriate image to use for this Sci-fi novel. The book was explosive – about rebellion, the underworld and the establishment. Big Brother was watching and there was money to be made.

I was happy with the way the cover worked out.

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