The writing of God’s Bolt.

God’s Bolt

As with all my novels this started with a couple of ideas which bumped together.

The first idea began with an idle thought: could I write a novel with just one character?

That led me to wonder where that character might be. I came up with the idea of them being marooned on a space station. That led me to question how they had come to be marooned.

The second whimsy was: could I get a novel to work, to have development and dynamics, if I started at the end?

Before I knew it I had the scenario for God’s Bolt – a Sci-Fi novel.

I invented my character. Then I ran into the problems. She had to have a back story and that necessarily involved other characters. My first idea became slightly adulterated by other characters.

By then it was too late. The juices were flowing. I had a plot. One thing led to another and I began trying to catch up with where my mind was taking me.

While I did not quite succeed at just having one character I did get quite close. I was more successful at starting from the end and did think the dynamics worked.

The reviews have been good! reviews: God's Bolt

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