Poetry – The English

The English


The English, of which I am part,

Are a strange tribe,

In search of identity;

Denying their heritage,

In Germany,

France and Italy,

Denmark, Sweden and Norway,

Our European ancestry.

Many believing that we have always been here,

Or were parachuted in from outer space,

As ‘god’s’ chosen race,


As to what it is to be English.

And fail to embrace

Their family.

Clothed in parody,

In caricature.

Some full of arrogance,

Bloated with superiority,

Xenophobically challenged.

In reality

We are no tribe at all;

A conglomerate,

A hybrid,

A mongrel group,

Whose identity


Into uncertainty.

We are the English.


Opher – 12.6.2020

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