Austerity doesn’t work – no debt paid off – huge inequality!!

austerity-isnt-working-steve-bell Osborne-stone-Routledge-cartoon

Austerity and the unfairness of how it works.

The rich get richer and the poor get squashed. Public services get smashed and the rich use their private services to gain even more advantage.

Austerity favours the establishment.

Too many people on the poverty line requiring food banks, on zero hours contracts and being used as cheap labour by the rich.

When people get paid so little the taxes go down and the national debt gets even bigger.

The unfairness of tax cuts for the rich while the poor suffer pay cuts.

Too many bankers bonuses, rich-cats pay rises while the Public Sector is annihilated due to pure Tory dogma.

What sort of divided society are we creating? It stinks!!

When people are abused so much, when inequality reaches a peak, they spontaneously rise up and smash the system. We nearly saw it with the riots of a few years back. We’re storing trouble for the future.

The Tories and the bankers run a pretty shady business of looking after their rich buddies and toffs. Austerity was a great excuse.


2 thoughts on “Austerity doesn’t work – no debt paid off – huge inequality!!

  1. So true, when will Cameron and Osborne go down in the history books as incompetents, charlatans and criminals? The English, who voted for them, forcing austerity on the whole UK, need to re-evaluate their voting habits. We knew from the 1930s, that economic stimulus is needed, in such recessions, aka Keynesian economics. Prof Paul Krugman, Prof Simon Wren Lewis etc are leading economists who have clearly said, austerity doesn’t work. Now we have the benefit of at least 6 years of austerity economics to add to the history books, for analysis, unfortunately with 6 years of suffering for the less well off and capital poor. Shame on those who support austerity economics.

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