A selection of Opher’s other books for your delectation! (I’m having a bit of a marketing push!!)

Whatever your taste (as long as it’s extreme and quirky) I have a book for it!!

Other selected Books by Opher Goodwin you may enjoy:

Rock Music and The Sixties

  1. In Search of Captain Beefheart – A memoir of a life spent in Rock Music (Beefheart’s only a small bit)
  2. 537 Essential Rock Albums Pt. 1 the first 270. – A description of what I consider to be the best 537 albums ever released.
  3. The Tales of a Sixties Freak – A look at life in London during the sixties and what the Underground was all about.
  4. Goofin’ with the Cosmic Freaks – A novel that is a kind of ‘On the Road’ for the sixties.

Art and Philosophy

  1. Opher’s Art and Outpourings – a book of my artwork in the 70s along with selected writings about and around them.

The Environment

  1. Anthropocene Apocalypse – My own observations as a Biologist of the terrible destruction of the environment and how we can put it right.


  1. A Passion for Education – The story of a Headteacher – my life in education as a Headteacher, teacher and pupil and what I believe in when it comes to learning.


  1. Green – a futuristic story about infinity within and without, the environment and the universe.
  2. Nosedive – An adventure about alien contact
  3. Intergalactic Rockstar – the Story of an intergalactic Rock Band in some far off time that resembles the sixties, their rise to fame, adventures and demise. It mixes two of my big pleasures!


For all my other books – check out Opher Goodwin on Amazon. They have the full range on Kindle and paperback.

Or check out my Blog – Opher’s World – there are masses of controversial writings! I’m doing my bit to entertain and save the planet!!

Do not despair – there are more books on the way!!

Enjoy and best wishes – Opher.