Introduction to Tribute to Rock Geniuses – my new book!!


If you like Rock Music you’ll love this! – 195 tributes to Rock Acts of Genius. Each one a gem of a picture. You’ll find out what makes them brilliant and a lot more besides! This is the writing of a true passionate obsessive.

The featuring of bands or artists in this book has nothing to do with what musical ability they may or may not have. I have stringently applied my own thoroughly objective criteria. These have been applied fairly, with rigour, and without prejudice. If I like them they’re in; if I don’t they aren’t.

I can’t be fairer than that.

In my experience I am the best judge of what I like.

Before you panic I do have some credentials for this. It is not totally arbitrary. I have run a number of courses on the History of Rock Music, written a number of books on the subject and even done Radio shows. I’ve got the T-Shirt.

Hopefully for you I will have selected a great number of people that you would have selected yourself. I do hope that I might also have flagged up a number of others that you might feel inclined to check out. You might find you love them as much as I do. What I say about them you may not always agree with – but hey – everyone’s entitled to their opinion – right?

As for me – well I’m a Rock nut with quite a wide range of likes. I grew up in the sixties and have been exposed to the full spectrum of music that I’ve included in here. I’ve seen the majority of these bands live and thoroughly enjoyed myself doing the field-work. I’ve used the term Rock very loosely. By my definition it is basically anything I happen to like. I can’t see a problem with that.

This then is my homage to Rock Genius.

Opher Goodwin – 9.2.2015