Wineglass Bay – Tasmania – the site of Slaughter!

We climbed up into the hills to see the beautiful Wineglass bay with its sparkling blue waters. I was greatly impressed. I assumed that the name was merely based on the fact that it resembled the shape of a wineglass. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

Wineglass bay was the scene of many mass slaughters and the scene of carnage.

In the past thousands of porpoises were herded into the shallow waters of the bay and trapped. There they were cruelly slaughtered with wicked gaffs and sharp knives. They were sawn open while alive and their blood spilt into those pure waters. From above the blooded waters filled the bay with the scarlet blood of thousands of poor creatures. It resembled a glass half-full of claret.

The beautiful, serene Wineglass Bay was, in the past, a scene of murder most horrible.