The Corona Diaries – Day 122

I was rained on as I walked up my hill today. The wind was blustery and I hoped it might dry me off but the driving rain had other ideas. Still, there’s nothing a few days of drying off won’t put right!

Yesterday, on my walk, I rescued a hen! I was walking past the egg farm. The hens were all out. One had got out and was wandering up the lane looking a bit lost. I knew that its chances weren’t good if it was out over night. A fox would have it. I eyed it and it eyed me. I certainly didn’t fancy chasing it around. I knew how hard they can be to catch. I called to it and amazingly it came to me. I picked it up and threw it back over the high fence. My good deed for today (yesterday).

Meanwhile, in Coronaland, the pandemic rolls on and our inept leaders fluster, bluster and mess up.

Johnson is finally considering another lockdown (too late again). If he had done a two week lockdown a few weeks back we would have got on top of it. Now we’ll probably have a four or five week of lockdown.

The virus is multiplying at a fast rate. It’s far worse now than three weeks ago!!

With 24,405 new cases yesterday and 274 deaths it is already long overdue!!

We’ve basically wasted the summer!! Instead of the stupid Eat Out to Help Out and driving people back to the offices and out of working at home they stoked the fires. If they had only got the track and trace working properly we could have been on top of it.

At least we don’t live in the States – Trump is overseeing a huge surge – 98,859 new cases yesterday and 971 deaths. That’s incompetence for you. He’s been encouraging irresponsible behaviour. Fool.

In Brazil its another 22,282 new cases and 508 deaths. I wonder if Bolsonaro regrets saying it was a ‘small flu’. Fool.

Vietnam – 0 new cases and 0 deaths.

Is anybody asking?

We’re heading into winter – into another mess – no strategy – more cheerleading!

Let’s hope this vaccine materialises soon!!

All the best – stay safe.

The Corona Diaries – Day 122

A lazy day today. I went for a ten k walk up my hill and have been watching cricket! I might do a bit of something a little later!

Still no symptoms. Do you think I’m asymptomatically infected?

I see Johnson has admitted that they did things wrong at the beginning. That’s something. The trouble is that it wasn’t just at the beginning; it was before the beginning, at the beginning and all the way through. The enthusiastic swagger is simply not sufficient. They were unprepared, complacent and behind the curve. I hope that a future inquest hangs them out to dry. They had plenty of warning. All that’s in their heads is Brexit.

Now that masks are mandatory on public transport and in shops I’ve noticed a lot more people wearing them.

Despite all the optimistic sounds about treatments and vaccines I do not expect any breakthrough until next May. We might only be a third of the way into this.

Despite Johnson saying it’ll be over by Christmas, I notice that they are panicking about a major winter surge – hence the flu jabs for everybody and keeping the Nightingale hospitals open and prepared.

You can’t believe a word the man says. So much for valuing our nurses and care workers. I notice they did not get a pay rise like the others. The PM might clap for them but he certainly doesn’t support them!

One thing is for sure – we’re be depending on those nurses and care workers through the long winter months ahead! All they’ve had is a kick in the face! He was even going to make them pay for parking in order to go to work.

Stay safe everyone – and look after our courageous key workers!