New Wave Mod Bands – a section from Rock Routes – a book on Rock Music by Opher Goodwin

New Wave Mod Bands

 nb. – I have included the Jam with Punk in an earlier section.

The Mod Scene, which had never really died out, saw a big revival towards the end of the 1970s. Once again scooters could be seen popping along the roads, sparkling with chrome, headlights, aerials and festooned with fur accessories. Seaside resorts, such as Brighton, Clacton and Scarborough, favourite hunting grounds of the 1960s, were once again smothered with hordes of roving Mods decked out in fur-trimmed parkas complete with Who, Jam and Union Jack insignia.

A whole slew of Mod Bands sprang up sporting their traditional Italian Cut suits and smart layered hair and playing their brand of high speed punky music. They were led by the Jam and others included the Lambrettas, Purple Hearts and Secret Affair.


Artist Stand out tracks
Secret Affair Time for action

Let your hearts dance

My world

Sound of confusion

Lambrettas Go steady

Poison ivy


Another day another girl

Purple Hearts Millions like us