Trump reaches all-time low – Tweeting Racist Propaganda Videos from British Far-Right – Britain First!

Trump’s waning popularity is creating signs of desperation. He has been tweeting what amounts to Neo-Nazi videos against Muslims in order to try to appeal to his core of voters – the White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi groups in America.

He should be ashamed of himself. What on earth is the Leader of a country doing deliberately spreading hate and lies?? Talk about fake news?? He’ll being showing clips of Hitler next.

I am sure it will go down very well with that core of scum who form the Far-Right in America with their hatred of Blacks, Latinos and anyone with brown or black skin.

Britain First is about as obnoxious as you can get. They are part of the Far-Right with their assortment of Racists and Nazis. The Neo-Nazis of Britain put out all manner of obnoxious propaganda. But for Trump to take up some of it and tweet it out to his power-base, inciting hatred and division is unbelievable.

This surely must be an all-time low!!

What on earth does any leader of any country think they are doing putting out blatant lies and propaganda like this? Can you imagine any other leader doing such a thing? It is disgusting. Perhaps he should be focussing on doing the job rather than tweeting garbage? What is he doing looking at Neo-Nazi material in the first place? It says heaps about him doesn’t it?

Never have we had such an extreme President!!