Poetry – Accidents


Trillions of accidents down billions of years

Brought me to you.

Clashes of stars in a fiery sky

Now placidly blue.

Unimaginable energy to twist the sand

In boiling a sea.

As x-rays and electricity pelt the land

To bring you to me.

As we stand beneath the stars

Of eternity

And marvel at the delight

That we came to be

On the cusp of impossibility.

Opher 4.6.2019

This is a love poem through the ages; standing on the brink of eternity, an incredible unlikely event – just once in billions of years – accidents in eternity. Billions of years of change, of chance, of astounding wonder, have conspired to provide us with the eyes, ears and touch as we taste the universe together.

What stupendous almost impossibilities conspired to create life and evolve intelligence. Yet we are here. We are peering up at an infinite sky through zillion and zillions of stars. What majesty. What wonder.

Evolution and Natural Selection


Evolution & Natural Selection

Evolution is not Natural Selection.

Natural Selection is merely the means through which evolution is brought about.

Evolution is the consistent change in the numbers of a gene within a population. If it is increasing or decreasing as a percentage the population is evolving.

If a new gene mutation comes along and bestows an advantage on individuals that increase their chances of surviving and having offspring then that gene will be selected and become more prevalent in the population – its numbers will increase – the population will be evolving.