Poetry – Servants of the People

Servants of the People

It’s never the people who create war,

                They just die for the cause.

It’s the leaders who serve the people

                Who take the applause.

Protectors of the nation,

                                They give their orders loud and clear

                For us to die for our country

                                No price is too dear.

Psychotic, paranoid narcissists;

                They prepare the people well.

Ratcheting up fear and propaganda

                Before blowing them to hell.

They are supposed to be our servants,

                Though you’d never guess.

They think they are superior

                But we clear up their mess.

These grandiose leaders

                Live in their opulent bubble.

Inflated opinions of themselves

                With us to sort the trouble.

It’s never the people who create war,

                They just die for the cause.

It’s the leaders who serve the people

                Who take the applause.

Opher – 3.5.2022

Standing for high office – it’s rarely the ‘normal’ folk. It’s people with big egos, narcissists with no doubts, psychotics and sociopaths who simply do not care and paranoid maniacs who are prepared to sacrifice the world.

Why can’t we be led by people who have compassion, who really do care, who are not drunk on power or lining their own pockets. Wouldn’t the world be a lot saner and better for everyone?

No. It never is.

They believe themselves superior. They think we deserve to be where we are. They are privileged; we should be humble and know our place. They know better than us.

They think they can exploit and manipulate us. They can give us as little as possible while taking for themselves and their chums. They think they can tell us what to believe.

Their arrogance and entitlement is sickening.

Yet we elect them, support them and help inflate their egos.

That’s why the world’s a mess. That’s why there’s war.



Psychotic narcissists,

                Plausible Sociopaths,

Conmen too.

Mad profiteers,

                Planning their careers

Haven’t got a clue.

We elect them,

                Select them,

Fooled through and through.

Propaganda and lies,

                Media bias,

Deception grew and grew.

Psychotic narcissists,

                Plausible Sociopaths,

Conmen too.

Opher – 14.2.22022

These politicians are all too often not public servants. They are power-seeking careerists.

What we want from politicians are people who will work hard to do what is best for the people they represent.

What we get are people who scheme and lust for power and who are preoccupied with feathering their own nest at our expense.

They lie, cheat and spin in order to deceive us.

For them politics is a revolving door into status and wealth.

Politics attract narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths because they either do not care who they hurt or they gain pleasure from hurting people. They do not agonise over policies that plunge millions into extreme hardship or death. To them it’s a game.

Add to that the tribal nature of the system and the media bias and propaganda and you have a toxic system.

Time for a big overhaul!!

Politicians are public servants! They should be held to account for their actions. If they break the law they should be in court. Politics should be crystal clear, thoroughly scrutinised and the people involved subject to draconian punishments for breaking laws and codes.

How have we ended up with the most criminal of gangs in charge of the country? Lawbreaking and lying are second nature to them.

Poetry – It’s Time

It’s Time

It is time this changed.

It is time we stopped

Electing the wrong people,

Paying bribes,

Seeking greater profit,

Squandering our lives

On cheap consumer trinkets

For which we pay

The earth.

We could be doing something better.

Opher 2.5.2019

Many of us complain about the state of the world. Yet we keep doing exactly the same.

We know the politicians of any party have no principles, will do anything for a vote, and only lust after power. We know they lie and make promises they never intend to keep. We know they are megalomaniacs, sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths with no scruples. But we still elect them and fall for the multibillions of propaganda they throw at us to scare us with.

We know that the shady establishment elite run the system, put in the cash to buy the parties and policies that favour them. They pay for that propaganda that we fall for. They have created a system that favours them. They are creaming off the profits. We know it is their greed and selfishness that is destroying the world, creating gross inequality, resulting in wars and catastrophes (all of which they profit from). Yet we allow them to get away with it.

We know we should not waste our time watching addictive game shows, glitzy talent shows, soaps and trivia. We know that playing addictive computer games, spending all our time on social media and playing games of fashion is pointless. We know that getting hopelessly stoned or drunk is stupid. We know that consumer binges that fill our houses with tat are a waste of money. Yet we still do it.

We know there are better ways to spent our lives, better ways to treat the world and far better people to be put in charge.

It’s time this changed.

Poetry – We are cattle in a field

We are cattle in a field

I wrote this piece on ISIS and my good brother Plato sent in his comment – ‘I just think of them as “on purpose” more than mistakes or failures. I think the world is run by psychopaths who profit and feed on chaos destruction and death. Those folks exist in the East as well. Their business model is called socialism or communism or something else. I believe those in the East and West have similar goals and see us common folks as weeds or cattle to be managed and used for their purposes.’

I agree.

The world is run by psychopaths. They do feed off death and misery. They profit from it. They sow chaos so that they can reap the benefits. They are ghouls who have no hearts. Whether it’s capitalism, communism or ISIS, the name is different but the game’s the same.

We are the cattle to be herded and sacrificed, fed off and used. They want us ignorant and dumb.

We are the weeds who they despise and want to rip up.

We are cattle in a field

We are cattle in a field

Assessed for our yield.

East and West – chaos is best.

As the psychopaths feed on profit and greed,

Licking their lips on grisley statistics.

Destruction and death is the song on their breath.

We are the cattle in the field

Chewing our cud.

They farm us and keep us

To suck on our blood.

Psychopaths elected without fail;

All black and white and plausible

They speak it so well.

They see us as weeds

As despicable scum,

Plebs and numbers

To work and be dumb.

They use us as soldiers

To fight all their wars

To behead and burn

And settle old scores.

Cattle and weeds

Cattle and weeds

The business model is clear.

They keep us

And feed us

And control us with fear.

Cattle and weeds

Cattle and weeds

They feed us the lies;

The politics of hate,

The gods in the skies.

Their game is power

And they’re calling the shots.

A brand name of Islam,

Capitalism or Trots.

It’s all just the same

All just a sham.

When it comes to a new brand

They’re giving it lots.

The psychopaths are still in control –

They are laughing with glee.

The tanks still roll

Through country after country.

Munitions and arms

Are great for the economy.

Great for the power of the ruthless

Leaders in charge

Of the abattoir.

Not so good for the cattle

Who thoughtless feeds,

Or the future of all of us weeds,

Or those in the rebellious choir.

Opher 12.9.2015