Poetry – We are cattle in a field

We are cattle in a field

I wrote this piece on ISIS and my good brother Plato sent in his comment – ‘I just think of them as “on purpose” more than mistakes or failures. I think the world is run by psychopaths who profit and feed on chaos destruction and death. Those folks exist in the East as well. Their business model is called socialism or communism or something else. I believe those in the East and West have similar goals and see us common folks as weeds or cattle to be managed and used for their purposes.’

I agree.

The world is run by psychopaths. They do feed off death and misery. They profit from it. They sow chaos so that they can reap the benefits. They are ghouls who have no hearts. Whether it’s capitalism, communism or ISIS, the name is different but the game’s the same.

We are the cattle to be herded and sacrificed, fed off and used. They want us ignorant and dumb.

We are the weeds who they despise and want to rip up.

We are cattle in a field

We are cattle in a field

Assessed for our yield.

East and West – chaos is best.

As the psychopaths feed on profit and greed,

Licking their lips on grisley statistics.

Destruction and death is the song on their breath.

We are the cattle in the field

Chewing our cud.

They farm us and keep us

To suck on our blood.

Psychopaths elected without fail;

All black and white and plausible

They speak it so well.

They see us as weeds

As despicable scum,

Plebs and numbers

To work and be dumb.

They use us as soldiers

To fight all their wars

To behead and burn

And settle old scores.

Cattle and weeds

Cattle and weeds

The business model is clear.

They keep us

And feed us

And control us with fear.

Cattle and weeds

Cattle and weeds

They feed us the lies;

The politics of hate,

The gods in the skies.

Their game is power

And they’re calling the shots.

A brand name of Islam,

Capitalism or Trots.

It’s all just the same

All just a sham.

When it comes to a new brand

They’re giving it lots.

The psychopaths are still in control –

They are laughing with glee.

The tanks still roll

Through country after country.

Munitions and arms

Are great for the economy.

Great for the power of the ruthless

Leaders in charge

Of the abattoir.

Not so good for the cattle

Who thoughtless feeds,

Or the future of all of us weeds,

Or those in the rebellious choir.

Opher 12.9.2015

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