6 thoughts on “STOP ALL WAR!! Elect Sane Leaders!!

  1. And so it comes to pass, Putin puts his Nuclear Detterent Forces on high-alert as the EU member nations under the banner of NATO step-up their defences, their rhetoric, and their unified determination to beat back the red-wave. If diplomacy doesn’t work, then we enter another cold-war stand-off whilst waiting until one of the unhinged hit the red-button.

    ‘War is organised murder and nothing else.” Poignant, powerful, and sadly so true. We see it the world over, in Africa, in the Middle East, in India, and now in Europe. But what we don’t see is a response to all of these wars in the same way the world responds to Ukraine. Why should some lives be considered more important than others? Why doesn’t the world come to their aid?


  2. The problem, Opher, is that under the current political system, even if you (whoever that means) were to elect (in whatever way) sane leaders, that wouldn’t stop politically powerful psychopaths trying to invade you. War is built into the nation state! It’s a feature, not a bug. Alliances like NATO can be of no long term help in such a situation. And superstates like the EU are even worse; they merely escalate the conflicts. As you will understand if you re-read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

    So, the solution has to be getting rid of politics as it is today, and replacing it by something better.

      1. I would say that what we need is a humanity-wide perspective.

        But you’re right in your comment to Dewin. It’s up to the ordinary Russians to stop these aggressions.

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