Poetry – It’s Time

It’s Time

It is time this changed.

It is time we stopped

Electing the wrong people,

Paying bribes,

Seeking greater profit,

Squandering our lives

On cheap consumer trinkets

For which we pay

The earth.

We could be doing something better.

Opher 2.5.2019

Many of us complain about the state of the world. Yet we keep doing exactly the same.

We know the politicians of any party have no principles, will do anything for a vote, and only lust after power. We know they lie and make promises they never intend to keep. We know they are megalomaniacs, sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths with no scruples. But we still elect them and fall for the multibillions of propaganda they throw at us to scare us with.

We know that the shady establishment elite run the system, put in the cash to buy the parties and policies that favour them. They pay for that propaganda that we fall for. They have created a system that favours them. They are creaming off the profits. We know it is their greed and selfishness that is destroying the world, creating gross inequality, resulting in wars and catastrophes (all of which they profit from). Yet we allow them to get away with it.

We know we should not waste our time watching addictive game shows, glitzy talent shows, soaps and trivia. We know that playing addictive computer games, spending all our time on social media and playing games of fashion is pointless. We know that getting hopelessly stoned or drunk is stupid. We know that consumer binges that fill our houses with tat are a waste of money. Yet we still do it.

We know there are better ways to spent our lives, better ways to treat the world and far better people to be put in charge.

It’s time this changed.

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