Orgreave – A monumental stitch-up! Amber Rudd Tory Shame!


During the Miners’ Strike the police were used as a weapon of the State against the miners. It was a plan, as laid out in the Ridley Report, to break the unions.

The Orgreave Battle was planned in the police – the same police who lied in Hillsborough. They set out to attack the people. They were instructed to use extreme violence. In shades of the Peterloo Massacre mounted police charged and trampled helpless men. Heads were smashed with heavy wooden truncheons.

On the ‘impartial’ BBC the sequence of events was reversed to make it look as if the miners were to blame.

It appears that after the event the officers were directed as to what to write in their reports in order to bring wrongful convictions against 97 miners. They were instructed to lie.

Amber Rudd, having promised the families justice, now claims that there is no need for an inquiry as nobody was killed and no convictions resulted. The only reason there were no convictions was because the police conspiracy fell apart. Grave injustice was done! The force that was there to protect the public and enforce law and order was responsible for causing extreme violence and breaking the law.

The Tory Government instructed the police and used them as an arm of government. The violent action was planned and executed by the police. The attempt to put innocent people in prison was a policy from above.

We need to know who was responsible for these grave illegal actions.

Why are the Tories intent on covering it up? Does it go right to Thatcher?

Miner’s strike – Orgreave and the travesty of law! Not just the police – also the BBC!

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The Tories planned out the whole debacle of the Miner’s Strike before hand in the Ridley Report. They put in laws and made contingencies. They bought off the police and transport and stockpiled coke at the power stations. They then blamed it on the miners!

That’s politics.

What is not politics is the scandalous brutality and confrontational approach of the police. They are here to protect the public; not to be politicised and used in such a way. They were belligerent and brutal.

There is obviously a need for a major enquiry into the way the police behaved. The fact that it is once again being shelved is scandalous and displays the attitude of the establishment.

That is bad enough but the way the BBC behaved is even worse. The portrayal of the ‘conflict’ on BBC News was not merely distorted and biased; it was, in my opinion, deliberately, editorially politically manufactured to misrepresent the facts. They used editing to put events out of sequence and deliberately portray the miners as the aggressors.

Channel 4 documentation showed film evidence to show the miners being charged by the police and then retaliating. The BBC reversed it to suggest the miners attacked the police.

If you cannot trust your media to present unbiased news you cannot have a healthy democracy.

That is even worse than the violence of the police.

There should be a full public enquiry! We should know who made the decisions on Police tactics and who made the editorial decisions in the BBC.

Heads should roll!!

If you do not have an unbiased media you have a tyranny. The Miner’s Strike, the BBC and the Ridley report showing how the Tories planned it all.

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The miners’ strike was big and had split the country. Decency had gone out the window and I was detecting a horrible bias in both the Press and the good old BBC. I was used to the right-wing press misrepresenting the facts but had always assumed that the BBC took a more objective line. I was horrified at the way they had clearly been duplicitous in their reporting of the Orgreave Coke plant picketing. They had reversed the order of events to make the miners appear the guilty parties when in actual fact they were merely responding to horrendous police violence. That had to be an editorial decision.

If you cannot receive unbiased news you do not have a free country.

If all the media is controlled by one group then the population can be misinformed and you have a tyranny.

Thatcher was duplicitous to a level I had never imagined. She had the gall to stand on the steps of Downing Street and give her election winning speech telling us that she would bring harmony and end strife while she was actively planning with Nicholas Ridley, to cause division and mayhem.

She intended to bring down the unions. The Ridley report, written in 1977 and leaked by the Guardian and Economist in 1978, disclosed their planning. He suggested they needed to break one of the big three unions – The Miners, the Transport Workers or the Power Workers. They selected the miners.

They then set up elaborate plans and put them into action. They gave the police pay increases and widespread powers to stop secondary picketing. They bought off the Transport Workers and brought in non-union drivers. They built up huge stocks at the power stations in order to keep the lights on. Only when they’d done this did they provoke a confrontation by instigating a plan of pit closures and bringing in the hatchet man MacGregor.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Arthur Scargill but his hand was forced. They set him up. He had no choice.

Democracy and the media controlled by the establishment.

To have a democracy there has to be a fair structure. All people about an agreed age should have a vote. They should have free access to all the information necessary to decide who to vote for. They should have a range of political parties to choose from. The system should be free of coercion, rigging or corruption.

Clearly this is not the case. The establishment has organised things to ensure their power and wealth is not reduced by ‘common people’ wanting a fairer share.

The establishment consists of a loose confederation of the aristocracy, politicians, big business, media, police, chosen celebrities and wealthy individuals. Politicians freely move between the worlds of media and big business to walk into incredibly lucrative deals for doing advisory work or TV and radio shows. There is a lot of money to be made cosying up to the establishment. The whole business of who gets selected, promoted or appointed is controlled by an ‘Old Boy’ network. Deals are struck, contracts allocated through secretive ‘behind the scene’ networks such as the Masons.

Without an unbiased media the population is starved of real information. Everything they receive is subject to spin. The newspapers and much of the TV news is controlled by wealthy tycoons who put their own views above the truth. Through smear, innuendo and lies they undermine parties and individuals and direct the views of large numbers of people. Their campaigns have been so powerful that they have successfully been responsible for the election of governments (the Major government, Cameron’s and Tony Blaire’s are three examples – smears on people like Kinnock and Clegg were orchestrated and effective). Presently we have seen the smearing of Ed Milliband.

In Britain we feel that at least the BBC is unbiased but unfortunately even that is not the case. During the Miner’s Strike I saw events at the Orgreave Coke Plant that was what appeared to be a deliberate, politically motivated, misrepresentation of events that seemed fashioned to discredit the miners. There appeared to be no other interpretation.

On the BBC News we were shown extensive scenes of angry picketing miners rioting and hurling bricks are the line of police in violent fury. We saw the police lines open and mounted police coming through to disperse the rioting miners.

Months later a Channel 4 programme used uncut footage taken at distance (for the purpose of long-shots) which showed that BBC representation was what appeared to be incorrect. The events had been edited to reverse events and create a different scenario to apparently deceive the public. It had to be an editorial decision.

It was a hot day. The miners were sitting in the large field. Every time a lorry came they would pour out into the road to picket it. Some lorries turned back. Some went through. At lunch-time they were sitting on the grass peacefully having lunch. The police lines opened, mounted police charged through and into the peaceful miners clubbing and trampling them. The miners tried to escape. They had seen their friends battered, bloody and trampled. They were furious. Grabbing rocks and whatever they could get their hands on they hurled themselves at the police.

Why would the BBC reverse the events to create a different impression?

How can we trust the information we receive in order to make the judgements necessary to elect a government? If the media is biased, owned by the establishment, and directly affecting the views of the electorate we do not have a democracy.