Orgreave – A monumental stitch-up! Amber Rudd Tory Shame!


During the Miners’ Strike the police were used as a weapon of the State against the miners. It was a plan, as laid out in the Ridley Report, to break the unions.

The Orgreave Battle was planned in the police – the same police who lied in Hillsborough. They set out to attack the people. They were instructed to use extreme violence. In shades of the Peterloo Massacre mounted police charged and trampled helpless men. Heads were smashed with heavy wooden truncheons.

On the ‘impartial’ BBC the sequence of events was reversed to make it look as if the miners were to blame.

It appears that after the event the officers were directed as to what to write in their reports in order to bring wrongful convictions against 97 miners. They were instructed to lie.

Amber Rudd, having promised the families justice, now claims that there is no need for an inquiry as nobody was killed and no convictions resulted. The only reason there were no convictions was because the police conspiracy fell apart. Grave injustice was done! The force that was there to protect the public and enforce law and order was responsible for causing extreme violence and breaking the law.

The Tory Government instructed the police and used them as an arm of government. The violent action was planned and executed by the police. The attempt to put innocent people in prison was a policy from above.

We need to know who was responsible for these grave illegal actions.

Why are the Tories intent on covering it up? Does it go right to Thatcher?

18 thoughts on “Orgreave – A monumental stitch-up! Amber Rudd Tory Shame!

  1. You already know all the answers. Plus it’s more than likely most of those decision makers at the top are already dead. What good will it serve? More hatred towards today’s Police that had nothing to do with it? That’s all you’ll achieve with this.
    Mistakes were made on both sides.
    The Miners were infiltrated with thugs and they did nothing to remove them from their front lines. That was a mistake and they took the consequences of that.

    I’d be more interested in seeing justice and investigation into these Labour run councils responsible for Rochdale, Harringay and Tower Hamlets where hundreds of child abuse issues ran rampant for years and years. Where those responsible can be brought to justice and convicted whilst they’re alive and able enough to do time.
    That would be of much more important public interest.

    1. I don’t agree. The truth is what is important. The whole of the machinations around the strike were politically thought through. The people at the top organised the violence and the illegal prosecution of the miners. Who was that and where did the orders come from? Was it the police chiefs or was it Thatcher? We don’t know who ordered the violence or the deliberate tampering of reports. We need that in the open.
      I saw the undoctored footage of what happened. It was not caused by thugs in the miners. That is a myth. It was the police. Don’t believe the lies.
      This is too big to sweep under the carpet. It is as big as Hillsborough. The reason it is being dealt with this way is because it goes right to the top in the Tory government – and it was illegal.
      The child abuse scandal also needs investigating with a public enquiry. That is scandalous too. Was that direct Labour policy? Or was it misguided response to race? It needs sorting.

      1. So you are going to tell me that you firmly believe there were no thugs who were not miners on the front line? Please…

        It absolutely isn’t as big as Hillsborough! That’s a ridiculous comment because nobody, least of all 96 persons died!

        And look who is behind the push for this crap. Andy Burnham and that racist pig, Dianne Abbott. Have these two clowns nothing better to do?
        They both got short shrift from Amber Rudd and quite rightly too. Rudd gave profound reason for there not needing any further investigation. She made a turkey out of Abbott and the expression on Abbott’s face was priceless.

        Where does this seek to blame end?
        Why don’t we just go right back and investigate all the families who were involved in slavery. Why don’t we trace all that money and take it off them and kick them out their homes paid for with some of that money. Why don’t we then dismantle everything of industry that was built with that money and turn the north of England back into a field?

        These Labour jerks have a damned cheek. I and about 95% of the country would rather see those that led us into an illegal war in Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths being prosecuted. Yet they sit there spouting this crap.

        Yet they ran 3 councils whom abjectly failed to operate a cohesive and responsive social services child welfare department and did their utmost to protect those responsible and try to brush this under the carpet.

      2. I watched the whole sequence of events on a late-night channel four documentary taken from the long shot with no editing. What took place that day was extraordinary. There was no thuggish behaviour. The miners were sitting around over the field eating sandwiches, with shirts off in the sun, chatting. One miner was walking up and down the police ranks pretending to inspect them and making smart remarks. There was no thuggish behaviour – no missiles – no threat. The police lines opened, cavalry charged through and charged at the miners. People were trampled and the police were smacking heads – swinging viciously with great wooden truncheons. How people weren’t killed is a mystery. It was horrendous.
        The miners ran and were charged and beaten. They had seen their mates trampled and seen them knocked unconscious. There was lots of blood. They were furious. They went and gathered rocks and went straight back at the police.
        On the BBC news the sequence had been reversed!
        It was as bad as Hillsborough in that it was the same tactics – blame it on the miners and lie to stitch them up. Exactly the same tactics. I think you’ve fallen for the media and Tory spin. I saw what really happened and I was disgusted.
        We need an enquiry.
        I’m not saying there weren’t thugs in the miners. Tempers were high. I’m saying this was not the case here. The thuggery was one-sided. There was clear planning and there was clear attempts to pervert justice and stitch up miners. Who made those decisions?
        Going off on a tangent about the Iraq War or Child Abuse is not pertinent to this huge injustice. The police should never be used as a political weapon by any government and that is what happened here. I believe the tactics go straight back to Thatcher and the way the police were encouraged to operate resulted in Hillsborough.
        Amber Rudd should be ashamed of herself. She promised and went back on her word. The Tories don’t want it because they will come out stinking.

      3. Therefore, you watched exactly the same footage as the rest of the nation. You’re kidding yourself if you think there was no editing done – but that’s a technicality.

        You think bullshit – I ain’t fallen for nothing. I’ve already said we KNOW what happened and really didn’t need the detailed sob story of “swinging viciously with great wooden truncheons”. We KNOW.
        What part of KNOW don’t you understand?
        But what are you going to do? Dig up some graves and vent fury at the corpses?
        Send yet more hate messages at today’s serving Police?
        That’s all that can and will be achieved.
        It’s too bloody small minded to be entertained.
        It’s all too damned late.
        Labour had decades to make an example of it, but they themselves sat there stuum. Why?
        I bet you can’t ever answer that question.
        Why did the first serving Labour Home Secretary do nothing at the first opportunity?

        If you think that “tactics” were involved that led to Hillsborough, then you haven’t followed the events of Hillsborough. I’m immediately startled with the realisation that you don’t know what led to Hillsborough.
        It was a whole catalogue of events, with the football club, the club’s security, the internal police in the ground and the external police outwith the ground, combined with a police chief who couldn’t even see what was happening due to his physical position being outwith the general picture.
        Don’t start looking for controversy of Police planning because there wasn’t any – hence why people died.
        And to suggest that the Police wantonly and intentionally set Hillsborough up to kill 96 people would be very wrong.

        It was the aftermath of enquiry and media coverage that stinks.
        Yes, obviously mistakes were made by the police on the day but there was no plan as you suggest.

        I very much doubt the Tories could possibly stink as high as these Labour who voted to go to Iraq.
        That would be an impossibility.

      4. Firstly the film I saw was an unedited, very boring, long-shot from a camera set up to provide an overview. It was shown late at night on Channel 4 without cuts (or at least with clear indication where they had jumped ahead). I do not believe many people got to see that at all.
        The tactics I refer to were the way the police instructed officers to change or put together statements, to divert blame on to the fans, to fabricate stories and tell lies – drunken fans pissing on the dead etc). The same tactics used after Orgreave. It doesn’t impact on the police so much as their bosses and the government. That is the crux. Who orchestrated this?

      5. Actually, you saw a later re-run as It had previously been broadcast mid-evening and had been heavily advertised before such.
        Wake up, it’s on repeat performance on youtube – the channel where most people watch most stuff. It was also on Ch4’s catch up on-line service for 30 days. Quite why you can assume that few got to see it is ridiculous as anybody interested (many) would get to see it in its entirety regardless of its original transmission time. You’re living in the past – everything and I mean absolutely everything broadcast is available. If you want an episode of Coronation Street from the 15th March 1996, you’ll get to watch it.

        The pissing story did not come from the Police, but the Labour rag, The Sun.
        Seriously, if you’re going to tell it, get it right.

        Your Labour MP for Stoke, Tristram Hunt, would disagree with you, too. He is most concerned about any blame attachment towards today’s serving Police.
        You see that for yourself from the House of Commons footage with Amber Rudd – on youtube.

      6. The Sun (hardly a Labour rag) printed the story. It was fed to them by the police.
        I am sure that the footage is on You Tube and I doubt very much that people spent the two hours of their time watching it. It was like paint drying.
        Who cares what Tristram Hunt thought? You seem to have got the idea that I toe some Labour line. Far from it. Just because I vote for them and agree with a lot of their policies does not make me a mindless lackey. They all represent the same establishment. Lesser of two evils.

      7. The Sun, absolutely definitely a Labour supporting rag didn’t need the police to give them a story. They excel in rubbish that feeds the dwarf minds of their readership and in toe enlightens their political sways.
        You already know this 100%.

        You also already know that in today’s climate it would be stupidity to castigate the police.

        Interestingly not a word from you as to why the various Labour Home Secretaries have done very little to secure prosecution. Perhaps they are indeed smarter and also secure in the knowledge that damage limitation is the best policy.
        Witch hunt politics is backward, retarded and limited to only inflicting further unnecessary damage.
        For what – smug satisfaction in the knowledge of what you knew all along anyway?

        Well, you did state that you’ve been a card carrying party member for decades. So what is anyone to assume by that?
        Or are you only a supporter when it suits – fair weather politics? Hardly much of a principle really, is it?
        Of course it’s all revolving around the same wheel, therefore, why the hell do you get involved with them? You know they will fail you at every turn.

        What would worry me a great deal were I a paid up party member, would be Corbyn’s patently insane decision to promote Dianne Abbott into the position of Shadow Home Secretary. There simply must have been better candidates than that? That woman couldn’t run a lucky dip as proved during her long term tenure in Harringay. She’s a racist with a profound anti-British cultural agenda.
        She who said with a straight face “the more immigrants living around you, the sooner you’ll get used to it” or something to that effect. She makes me ill just thinking she’s in some form of party command. But I’m silently hoping someone will pop her off one day, sooner than later, please.

        But really Opher, there’s no point arguing with me over this.
        I just happen to agree with Rudd here and she’s made her decision. It’s over and case closed.
        And you know what – these miners really should count themselves lucky that they only got smacked, because had they met some of the boys we have up here – who don’t take too kindly to being called a “c**t” to their face, would have committed a hell of a lot more damage. In fact it doesn’t bear thinking about what they may well have done there.

        Still, terrible waste of a sandwich, eh?

      8. The Sun flits about from party to party like a fly on shit.
        There was reports that certain police were feeding the lines and they were eager to believe them.
        Supporting a political party does not mean you agree with everything they come out with. I cannot imagine why they did not do something about it – but then New Labour were watered down Tories and Tony Blair had wet dreams over Thatcher. Maybe that explains it.
        The Tories seem coated with Teflon – the shit always slides off – they got away with directly causing BSE, selling off the oil and all the countries wealth to foreigners for a song and letting Murdock control the media among other stupidities.
        I pick up from your innuendo that you are not big on Dianna Abbott?
        But I still go back to the reason why I think we need an enquiry – was it the Police Chiefs or Thatcher? We should know.

      9. Perhaps a study of the demographics on the type of people who buy The Sun would clarify my point.

        Sold off the oil?
        We, currently the UK, only receive 15% of oil revenues and that’s all we ever have received. The reason being because we didn’t pay for exploration, building rigs and installing rigs. It’s all US money.

        The fall-out from the miners battles with the police were a great deal worse in Scotland, where injuries were far more severe.
        Yesterday, Sturgeon also announced that she will not be allowing any review of the case either.
        And she’s as Left wing as could be.

      10. What’s Sturgeon got to do with Orgreave? Who cares what she thinks? I haven’t noticed you giving her any credibility before. Doesn’t impress me.
        The sun, like the other rags, with a reading age of a primary kid, caters for the none too discerning. Who, with any intelligence, gives that any credibility either?
        The North Sea Oil revenue was sunstantial and should have been used to address infrastructure needs. Thatcher used all that and sold off the nation’s assets for dubious political reasons. She was short-sighted, dogma-driven, nation-dividing, Tory scum. I’m certainly not thanking her for Murdock, BSE, the demise of our manufacturing, the elevation of banking and the huge amount of wealth she robbed from us to give to billionaires – most of whom lived abroad!
        You might love her. I think she did a whole lot of damage to this country and we’re still reaping the ‘rewards’.
        I would like it out in the open that her policies were put into force against all legal and moral standards. I would like to know if it was her or the police or both of them.

      11. Were you under the impression that Orgreave related to only events in England? There’s just as much unrest about it here, more so in fact because the demographics affected were far, far higher than in England.
        Who cares what Sturgeon thinks? …eh, OK Sparky, perhaps the Scottish miners and their families?
        But you English are so bloody English-centric and totally effing blind to what goes on outwith. It’s remarkable actually.
        Quite how you jump to the conclusion that I’m giving her any credibility by simply conveying to you what she said yesterday is slightly off-kilter with any rationality.
        She’s doing the same as the Home Sec – why – is the question, isn’t it? That’s what you should be thinking and not what you just came out with there, with accusations of “credibility”. I think that’s just being unaware and silly.

        I didn’t infer any credibility – quite the contrary, however, a great many Labour voters receive their political education from The Sun. Whether or not you chose to acknowledge this slight on your beloved party is outwith my control. Only you can rationalise all that this entails – like it or not.
        However, if you want to argue against published readership area sales graphs, be my guest.

        “You might love her” ?! Are you taking the piss?
        I was forced to leave my job because of selling of national businesses policies. I’ve told you that before.
        I also lost my employee benefits such as pension scheme and free rail travel allowances.
        I was very much more directly affected than you ever were.
        Man, you live in cloud cuckoo land.

        Are you under the impression that the oil revenue stopped back in Thatcher’s day? – as that’s what you imply.
        The money is fed back into all and sundry, it hasn’t dried up and in fact there are more oil fields today than during her tenure. I have no idea what point you are attempting to make here.
        What we do know though is we must not rely on that money too much when calculating budgets because if the barrel prices drop we’re left short, high and dry – as proved by SNP’s last budget calculations – 12 billion short.

        We also lost a sizable proportion of our industry because of never ending hard-boiled union problems. Companies just had enough and shipped out. Our ships became too expensive as did our cars. Basic economics always prevail.

        But you want a society where concerns of borders, nationality etc should be ignored – so why do you care where people live? Who cares if they live abroad?
        And it would also be true to say that many of these businesses were hammered dead in the water and hadn’t made a decent profit for far too long. In many cases she sold off a lot of lemons to people who were willing to pump untold amounts of money into them to get them back on track.
        And you have a complaint about that?
        You’ve lost me there.

      12. I thought we were confining ourselves to the sequence of events that took place on that day at the Orgreave coking plant – at least I was. I want to know who ordered the police to attack the miners, ordered great violence to be used and ordered police to stitch up miners. Was it the police chief or Thatcher?
        The fact that a lot of poor people read crap out of the Sun, Express and other Tory rags never ceases to amaze me. The same as why they choose to watch celebrity crap on TV. But they do.
        I’m not suggesting oil revenue stopped – far from it – the oil was flowing and money pouring in. It was squandered by Thatcher.
        Likewise our assets were not lemons they were sold for a fraction of their costs to overseas billionaires who then took their profits out of the country.
        Perhaps if the oil revenue had been used to bolster the underfunded national assets they might have worked better?
        It was Thatcher’s dogma which drove this set of stupid short-sighted policies – Deregulation, council house sell-off, breaking unions, finance. We had BSE, no infra-structure, profits going abroad, Murdock controlling the media, deunionisation and reductions in working standards and wages, more profits for the rich, tax cuts for the rich, housing crisis, oil money squandered, ……………. The Stupid bitch.
        Of course I have a complaint about privatisation. The people at the top always exploit workers, cut down on safety and conditions and maximise their profits. The railways are classic. The NHS is going that way piece by piece. It is crazy. They underfund – say it doesn’t work – sell it for a song – and we all suffer. All they care about is how much profit they can extract. A public service is not there for profit. It does not have to cream off for a bunch of rich gits.

      13. Yes I realise that you’re on about Orgreave, I get you OK.
        I’d just added extra info to the decision made by Rudd, with that of Sturgeon’s, too, which means that they both refuse to permit any further business with it.
        Inferring isn’t that odd? Both of them, as quick as that with a total shutdown on it. Really?
        Looks to me like some superior orders are coming down from somewhere?

        In retrospect Thatcher’s list of failures was comprehensive although what you got was the beginnings of globalisation. I think more positively about selling off council houses and establishing dedicated housing associations where the standards in general are far improved.

      14. It sounds quite feasible to me that pressure has been brought to bear from some higher source. That’s a good point. But where would that emanate from?
        I would feel differently about the council house sell-off if it had not been blatantly political (home owners were considered more likely to vote Tory), divisive (divide the working classes), short term (bring in some money now – pay much more later – probably the next government would pick up the bill) and if there was a comprehensive plan to create affordable housing to replace the stock being taken out of circulation. The sell off has made a number of people very rich and added to the housing shortage for people on low wages.
        I think the whole subject of housing needs looking at. I cannot see any cohesive strategy. Previous strategies of council estates and tower blocks were flawed. What will work?

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