Immigration and integration – more Tory madness and cuts.

Immigration presents problems. If there is too much the indigenous population feels threatened. They feel their way of life and values are under threat.

They are justified.

A people take pride in their culture, feel their identity through it and dislike change. They feel that they belong here and their values are the result of a long history. This is where their ancestors lived and died. There is continuity. It is strong stuff. Some call it patriotism. It breeds nationalism.

Yet immigration brings enrichment. Some change is a good thing.

It is a balance.

If the native culture begins to feel displaced, threatened or peripheralized there is trouble. We get the rise of racism and nationalism. We find the right-wing and fascists exaggerating and feeding the flames of anger, resentment, fear and division to create hate.

Britain is a small island that has had to much immigration too quickly – both Islamic and Eastern European. It has caused fear and resentment. People feel their culture is under threat and are hitting out in fear and anger. They feel nobody is listening.

There is strain on our infrastructure – housing, schools and medicine. There is concern about jobs. There is a dislike for a culture that is threatening and usurping with its different beliefs and values, its larger families, its different perspective, its different dress and culture. People are afraid.

And the politicians have ignored their genuine fears. All they care about is the economy.

The answer to these fears is integration, for the incomers to fit in, speak the language, reflect the customs and values of the culture they come in to. For money to be provided to create more housing, more schools and more health services.

Unfortunately this integration is not happening. Instead of more money being put in, there have been swingeing cuts to services and all this serves to exacerbate the problem.

The Tory government have just slashed the budget to teach immigrants English so they can integrate. They are still funding Religious schools enabling religious and cultural segregation. Without being able to speak the language they cannot gain employment and fit in. Without mixed education they cannot assume the values of the indigenous culture.

It seems that the Tories are actively working against integration. They are deliberately keeping them apart. It is like instituting an invisible apartheid.

By cutting schools and health budgets they are actively exacerbating the harmful effects of immigration.

Do the politicians really want to stoke up anti-immigrant sentiments?

Their actions fall into the hands of the fascists like Tommy Robinson who prey on the fears of people. They talk of burqas, mosques, sharia law, rape gangs, and equate Islam with terrorism, with a plot to take over the country, outbreed and usurp. They talk of Eastern European accents and the proliferation of knives and crime gangs, the taking of British jobs.

And immigrants feel threatened, group in conclaves and respond by becoming more militant.

And the answer is integration.

Integration takes time, money, effort and strategy. I see none of that in Tory policy. Maybe they feel they can politically benefit from the anger created by this botched mass immigration?



Immigration is causing problems throughout the EU. Too many people have come in from outside. There has also been a lot of movement from the poorer parts of the EU to the richer countries.

This has been great for the economy. It has provided cheap labour to boost profits and has plugged holes in the job market that there was a skill shortage for.

With a falling birth-rate and a skills shortage it was deemed good to draw in both labour and skills to plug the gaps. The politicians have loved and encouraged it (whatever they may say).

Unfortunately this has created problems with services and put pressure on housing, transport, education and health that politicians have been slow to address. They’ve taken the money but not provided the necessary infrastructure or services.

It has flooded certain areas with large numbers of immigrants creating making the endemic population feel displaced, as if they do not belong in the place they grew up in. This is particularly true when the immigrants speak a different language, practice a different religion, follow different customs, look different and make no attempt to fit in and adapt to local conditions. It fosters great resentment – particularly if the newcomers appear to be getting preferential treatment to that of the endemic population.

I think it is time the politicians got to grips with immigration, controlled it in order to prevent locals becoming swamped, and provided the extra services necessary as well as insisting that immigrants become fully integrated.

Immigration is fuelling the rise of fascism throughout Europe and the USA. Politicians need to take decisive action.

Migration and Immigration – why we need checks.

The overriding issue that was behind Brexit was immigration. There is a fear of terrorism, a feeling that we are being swamped with foreigners – particularly Muslims and Eastern Europeans, a sense that they are taking our jobs, receiving housing and benefits, causing overcrowding, creating problems for schools and the NHS, putting pressure on transport, displacing our culture and not wanting to assimilate and take on British values.

How accurate are these fears?

Is there a basis to them?

Is an opposition to mass immigration xenophobic or even racist?

The British people are a mongrel race. We always have been. We take in immigrants from all over the world, welcome them and assimilate them into our culture. I like the richness of culture that introduces. I like the cosmopolitan communities it produces and I like the way immigrants over the centuries have assimilated, become British, taken on our customs and values while still celebrating their own heritage.

But I do not think it is either racist or xenophobic to be concerned with mass immigration. It is the sheer numbers and attitudes of the recent immigrants that are causing the problems.

We have areas of the country with high Muslim populations who have completely displaced the indigenous people and culture. The perception is that many do not wish to assume British values at all. There are militants in the Muslim community who espouse to take over Britain and bring in Sharia law. The Hijab and Burqa do not fit easy with many people. It represents a culture and attitudes they do not agree with. Many, because of the association with terrorism and this strident, arrogant militancy, find it threatening.

There are a number of Muslims who support ISIS and the Caliphate. People find this traitorous to the country they have come to live in. ISIS is our avowed enemy. We have had terrorism from these militants. It creates suspicion and fear. In reality the number of incidents are few, the Intelligence Services are doing a good job rooting the militants out before they cause atrocities, and most Muslims do not subscribe to these extreme views.

There are Eastern European shops opening all over the place and Eastern European languages all around in many cities. I do not think that people have a problem with this until it reaches a point where they feel saturated and displaced.

Yes it does cause big pressures on the NHS, Schools, housing and the infra-structure. That causes aggravation but I don’t think it is the main issue.

The main issue is not one of racism, xenophobia or pressures on services – it is simply that there have been too many people coming in.

I believe we need immigration. We need labour for our economy. We need to staff the NHS, to pick crops, to work in Old People’s Homes. These people are valued. Their cultures are respected.

But when they come here they should respect our culture and if they are planning to stay, be prepared to assimilate into our communities.

In my opinion this integration is not assisted by more Faith Schools or concentrations of immigrants in any one area.

Education is the long-term solution. But mass immigration needs curbing. We need to stop so many coming into the country and the ones that do come in need processing. We do not need terrorists, criminals or people who do not subscribe to our values being allowed into the country.

We did not need to leave Europe to achieve this. Most of Europe wants the same thing. It surely is not beyond the wit of man to devise a practical system?