Immigration is causing problems throughout the EU. Too many people have come in from outside. There has also been a lot of movement from the poorer parts of the EU to the richer countries.

This has been great for the economy. It has provided cheap labour to boost profits and has plugged holes in the job market that there was a skill shortage for.

With a falling birth-rate and a skills shortage it was deemed good to draw in both labour and skills to plug the gaps. The politicians have loved and encouraged it (whatever they may say).

Unfortunately this has created problems with services and put pressure on housing, transport, education and health that politicians have been slow to address. They’ve taken the money but not provided the necessary infrastructure or services.

It has flooded certain areas with large numbers of immigrants creating making the endemic population feel displaced, as if they do not belong in the place they grew up in. This is particularly true when the immigrants speak a different language, practice a different religion, follow different customs, look different and make no attempt to fit in and adapt to local conditions. It fosters great resentment – particularly if the newcomers appear to be getting preferential treatment to that of the endemic population.

I think it is time the politicians got to grips with immigration, controlled it in order to prevent locals becoming swamped, and provided the extra services necessary as well as insisting that immigrants become fully integrated.

Immigration is fuelling the rise of fascism throughout Europe and the USA. Politicians need to take decisive action.

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