The Corona Diaries – Day 91

Still in lockdown – still not ill – but the country is!

The economy is shattered and is obviously not going to bounce straight back. It is quite clear that trade between nations is going to be slow. Many industries are severely reduced – not just tourist, entertainment and restaurants but the car and oil industry. We’ve built up a huge surplus of produce. A lot of people are going to be laid off.

Having scared the population, with deaths and ventilators, into avoiding each other and not going out, it is going to be difficult to convince them it’s safe enough to visit places again.

On top of that chaos we have Brexit which will cause further mayhem. As the government moves towards its favoured No Deal it will inevitably throw a lot more people out of work. All the cooperation and supply chains will be effected. Today there was concerns over shortages of drugs for the NHS.

What a mess.

What is also clear is that different regions have different rates of Covid. Surely this should result in different regional policies?

Well today I’ve been playing Pink Floyd to clear the psychic forces!!

I went for a walk up my hill in the rain and got soaked. It was strange looking out over the ghostly landscape shrouded in a drizzling mist! Even the wildlife was quiet – apart from a flock of swallows swooping around some trees – obviously there were insects out. It felt fabulous to stand in the rain watching them swooping and chattering.

I came back with two poems in my head!

Apart from that I’ve been writing and sorting photos again!

A rare dreary day in isolation!

Stay safe everyone!!

Gee my hair’s getting good at the back!


2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 91

  1. “different regions have different rates of Covid. Surely this should result in different regional policies?”

    Well done, Opher! At last, you’ve understood why people like me want smaller political units, not larger ones!

    1. Neil – we already have the local governance. We merely need national government to see the pattern and activate the correct responses.
      If everything was in small units covid (along with everything else) would be a disaster. Surely you can see that?

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