Poetry – Not to do poem

Not to do poem


My editor has given me a list

Of words never to use.

Got it and go!

She told me sternly.

A lot gone big!

She cajoled!

Bit done liked!

She shook her head sadly.

Seemingly put out!

With an air of exasperation.

Doing this did these!

She sighed.

I made a mental note

To try my hardest

To avoid ever using all these words.

Yet, I now realise

That in this poem

I have inadvertently

Used every last one!

She won’t be happy!


Opher – 10.6.2020

6 thoughts on “Poetry – Not to do poem

    1. Actually is one of those words I’m probably banned from using!! It’s a bit like seemingly. Apparently I use seemingly a lot, as well as big, got and done and a lot more. I need educating.

      1. I think you’ve got to want to do it a lot, real big, seemingly. Actually I like doing this and put out a lot of these. It’s all go go go a lot. I’ve got it big.
        Seemingly, actually – I’m not done with it. I’m a hopeless case. Going to AA would be pointless.

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