The Corona Diaries – Day 88

So it seems schools are not now going back. We all have to wear facemasks on public transport. The death toll is going down but we still have a death toll of over 50,000 (though the National Survey Department say there have been 66,000 extra deaths) and we are the worst in Europe. Johnson’s popularity is on the wane even more. People are recognising the ineptitude.

Today they brought in a quarantine for anybody coming here. Just three months too late!! We’re now the hotspot. Everyone else has lower rates. What on earth is the point. They are at more risk from us than we are from them. I can see the logic of applying a ban on the USA and Brazil but other European countries?? Stupid!!

This government is dithering away, so far behind the curve I wonder that any of us are still alive.

As for the lies about Care Homes – a protective ring – they dumped the elderly out of the NHS back into Care Homes without testing (no PPE or training) – throwing Covid into the midst of the vulnerable. Some protective ring!!

As for a proper testing and follow up – we’re still miles behind everybody else.

There is an arrogance in this country. Some people think we are better than everybody else. The evidence shows that we are blundering idiots. We are a tragic laughing stock – and we are taking the same arrogant stupidity into Brexit!! This country is being run by a bunch of extremist fools! They are making us a laughing stock. Do they really think they can hide the damage of Bexit under a blanket of Covid?? I think they do!

So this morning the sun shone and I went for a long walk up my hill and over to the road – about six miles. It felt good!

Then I played Paul Simon and wrote a few poems, sorted book covers, my new blog, hoovered carpets and laid some gravel. It aggravated my back but made me feel better!

I’m just about to cook some pasta and have a big glass of wine!

It’ll be good for my emotional state!!

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