The Corona Diaries – Day 87

Today the weather was brightening up a bit following a few days of gloom. Perhaps it is impacting on the politics of the world?

Following this pandemic I sense a new mood developing. The George Floyd protests are a projection of it. People feel strongly enough to face the virus and go out on the streets. The pulling down of the statue of the slave owner Edward Colston was symptomatic of this new mood. People want change.

It seems to me that a number of things have come together. Covid 19 has made people think about what sort of society they want. The result is that they want a society that is fairer. They want to do away with racism. They want to value the low paid – the nurses, cleaners, veggie pickers, carers, refuse collectors shop workers, posties and teachers – who have been on the front line putting themselves at risk.

These were the ones that the Brexiteers wanted rid of. These are the people that the hostile environment was ‘disposing’ of. They were being driven out.

Now, suddenly, there is a realisation that these were the very people we most needed. In fact we can’t do without them!

It makes the government immigration policy look crap. They want the high-paid bankers and entrepreneurs but the people have woken up to the fact that it is the others who are most needed.

I wonder what the vote would be if we had Brexit now??

Meanwhile the ERG is trying to quietly push through a No-Deal Brexit. They will try to hide the real costs (tens of billions) in the mayhem that Covid will have caused to the economy.

But I think the tide has turned. In the long run Covid might have done us a favour. It has shown up Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro for the snake-oil salesmen they always were. Lazy Johnson has shown that he is incompetent. The UK has the highest death toll per million population in the world. Trump has shown himself up as completely uncaring, belligerent and nasty. Bolsonaro is prepared for tens of thousands to die as long as the economy is still going.

What a complete bunch of populist idiots!!

But, as I said, the tide has turned. People are realising. Johnson’s popularity has tumbled (aided by his hanging on to Cummings). Trump is languishing up to 15 points down in the polls. Bolsonaro faces impeachment, criminal charges and tumbling polls.

Could this all be the end of this right-wing surge of populism that has engulfed the planet? Are we coming back to sanity?

I hope for a new era of compassion and caring!! I’ll drink to that!!!

So today I went for a walk down the back lanes. It was cloudy but a bit warmer. I’m hoping for the sun to come out soon.

I returned home, played the Searchers and became nostalgic for my youth, and sorted out the last of the photos!!

Tomorrow I start a new project! It’s a new day! A new start! A new world!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 87

  1. “Covid 19 has made people think about what sort of society they want.” Indeed so; but a lot of people (including me) are thinking, “The first thing we need is to get our economy back.” Which means, for example, quickly getting rid of all the “zero carbon” nonsense, and dumping those that have promoted it. But I digress…

    “The UK has the highest death toll per million population in the world.” That’s twice you’ve mis-repeated what I told you, Opher. The truth is, that among major countries the UK has the second highest death toll per million. It’s fourth in the list of all countries. It may well eventually catch Andorra, and take the bronze medal position in the backwards Olympics. But I think our Belgian friends have already secured the silver medal, behind San Marino.

    By the way, the UK has also had the second highest peak of ratio of confirmed cases to tests outside South America. (Senegal is first – wonder how Stone-Eater is doing?) I just finished today the spreadsheet that shows that – a lot of hard work.

    Time to abolish the NHS, perhaps, and replace it by something run by people who care about results, and don’t have a political axe to grind?

    1. Neil – me thinks you need to wake up to the mess that’s coming. The global warming catastrophe will make this virus look like a kid’s party. The evidence is staring you in the face and still you deny.
      We need to dump oil, gas, coal and petrol and get ourselves clean. We also need to reduce our population to a manageable level before we completely destroy nature.
      Do you think the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon???
      The stats I read show that we are the worst in the world. I do however think that a lot of the deaths are covered up so we are in for a lot of guesswork. But by no stretch of the imagination have we done well! Johnson and his government of extreme right-wing Brexiteers are inept and lamentable. Only Trump and Bolsonaro are worse!
      As for the NHS – a brilliant institution – underfunded and loaded with bureaucrats. It needs more cash and a better government.
      The sooner we’re rid of these Tory bastards and their austerity and love of the wealthy, privilege and aristocracy, the better.

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