The Corona Diaries – Day 71

Over ten weeks in isolation now – only another twenty years to go!!

I’m so glad that the government has got it all under control! I see China is now Covid-free. No new cases in New Zealand as the USA approached 97,000 deaths!! Brazil has record number of new cases!

Here Cummings is on the run after blatantly disobeying the very laws he introduced. If the Tories have a shred of integrity they’ll fire him!!

Today I’ve been playing the soothing tones of John Renbourn. Fabulous.

I walked up the hill. The wind was still blowing a gale. Everywhere were leaves and branches. The trees looked battered. Nature is angry.

On the writing front I have just published Green as a Ron Forsythe book. It is in the process of being published. I’m just finishing the cover of Star and that will be out too in the next week.

That will about complete my Ron Forsythe series of Sci-fi. I will then focus on my new Ron Forsythe blog and then look to secure a literary agent or publishing house. I have enough of a catalogue to be of interest. Anybody know of a good Literary Agent or Publisher??

Still feeling a bit jaded. I’m off to read for a bit!!

Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 71

  1. Hi Opher. In my move I lost your details. Could you let me have your telephone number. I’ve just started Ebola in the Garden of Eden after many weeks of not being able to find time due to life and other things but have settled well and can focus on my life again.

    1. Hi Mike – good to hear from you! Glad the move went well and hope that you are still recovering from your op!
      Enjoy the book! Look forward to hearing from you. I’ll email you the number!

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