Poetry – The Cummings and Goings

Cummings and Goings


Everyone deserves to be

Treated fairly.

One rule for you

Another for me.

You stay indoors.

I’ll travel the country.


The toings and froings.

The lyings and knowings.

The cheatings and crowings.

The Cummings and goings.


Opher – 23.5.2020

4 thoughts on “Poetry – The Cummings and Goings

  1. Nicely put Opher!

    Unless the PM acts to remove Cummings, it’ll look like there’s one rule for friends of Boris and another rule for the rest of us. That members of the cabinet, Hancock the Health Minister included, have come out in support of Cummings, demonstrates nothing less than contempt for the public and NHS and contempt for rules, rules which the Tories imposed themselves: in short it clearly demonstrates elitist arrogance.

    If the PM doesn’t act, the political heat will force him further into the spotlight, and there will be no fridge big enough in which he could hide. He’s already imperiled due to his shambolic handling of the C-19 pandemic. Quite how far he wants to fall foul of the U.K public is down to him. Already the majority of the U.K public have no trust in him or his incompetent cabinet.

    For once in his life, it’s time for Boris to do the right thing.


    1. How can he do the right thing? He’s already given himself covid!
      But yes you are quite right. He has to sack that loathsome Gollum. Otherwise what little integrity he has will be gone!!

      1. I see no reason whatsoever why Cummings and Boris – birds of one feather – don’t do us all a favor and both depart politics for good. Neither has integrity, both are repellent.

        Nature in her infinite grace gave Boris a slight dose of Covid as a wake-up call. That his over-inflated ego got in the way of him ‘listening’ is regrettably another matter.


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