Poetry – Fury



The streets are full of cars again,

People crowd the pavement

As silence is dispersed.


I walk out of the village.

The wind is blowing great gusts

Fit to blow me off my feet

As nature vents its fury

That we are loose.


The sky is dark,

Laden with volcanic clouds,


Unleashing great forces of frustration.


Trees bend

As the rage tears through them.

But those trees are ambivalent

Towards me,

Maybe recognising a sympathetic soul?

First they hurl sticks

Then shower me in blossom.


After a brief interlude away

We are back,

And nature is displeased.


We’ve had a taste

Of the medicine at her disposal.

What tricks will she unleash next?


Surely there are lessons to be learnt?


Opher – 23.5.2020

24 thoughts on “Poetry – Fury

  1. Nature’s message is clear to all who are attuned to her plea Opher: ‘don’t seek dominion over me, instead, live symbiotically in harmony with me.’

    For the benefit of the greater good, Mother Nature doesn’t want us back choking her garden quite yet. She’s waiting for Cummings to be sacked, Boris-the-failure to be ousted by his own party, and Trump and Bolsonaro to be voted out of politics. On which note, I see a campaign van has turned up outside Dominic Cummings’ house in Islington playing news clips and a video of Boris thanking the public for their sacrifice (during lock-down) Pressure is mounting on the PM to get shot of this awful little man…perhaps if he does so, it could be Boris’s finest hour!


    1. It really felt as if nature was angry that we’re back out!!
      If it is Johnson’s finest hour – let’s hope it’s just an hour!

      1. Then perhaps it is time for the opposition to shout more loudly than they actually are: to roar with rage rather than tweet and twitter. Else we are all (the 99%) going to hell in a handcart.


  2. Well, there’s 1.5 hours left today before the daily briefing scheduled for 5p.m. That’s ample opportunity for opposition MP’s to thoroughly comment on this Tory sham publicly: they must be chomping on the bit raring to write or conduct press interviews! Those who detest Tory politics need lions to lead from the opposition’s front-benches.


      1. Has Starmer actually come out and said anything yet? If he has then I’ve certainly not read his comment anywhere.

        Starmer has the frightened little PM skulking in the naughty-boy’s corner. If this isn’t a perfect occasion for Labour to bite hard and finish him when will be?


      2. One would hope so but with these fixed term parliaments and the opinion polls the Tories will think they can get away with anything. They are an arrogant bunch.

      3. There-in lies the problem. Governments believe they are above the rules (if not also the law) and can act with impunity. All members of government must as individuals, be held accountable irrespective of their station.

        In any other profession if an employee brought their employer (further) into disrepute so publicly, we’d be for the chop, no questions asked.

        Opinion polls can be targeted to suit the desired outcome and their ‘findings’ disseminated through favored media outlets. By themselves splash-polls are not representative of all the people.


      4. Yes I think they should be held personally accountable. I wonder how many billion they’ve cost the country from Brexit? Then there’s the cost of Corona to add to the bill. If they had done their job and contained it we would not be in such a deep hole!!

      5. P.S: Downing Street just confirmed Boris Johnson will be giving the government’s press conference at 5p.m today. Bull-shit is likely to feature.


  3. This the relatively weak response to the PM’s endorsement of Cummings (at 6.05p.m) from Kier Starmer.

    ‘This was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it.

    It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British people that Boris Johnson has chosen to take no action against Dominic Cummings.’

    Or, as Martin Kettle writes, more passionately, in the Guardian,

    ‘It is a reckless endorsement of an over-mighty adviser, a snub to elected politicians on both sides of the Commons, a declaration of war against much of the press, a defiance of the institutional balances within Britain’s system of democratic government and a self-centered, self-indulgent signal to the public that the rules no longer really matter.’ (1)


    (1) – https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/24/dominic-cummings-elitism

    1. I told you – Starmer is no lion – but he persists, with a forensic long-game. It will go on and probably do more damage in the long-run. I reckon that Cummings will be forced out! But it will take time and that might not be a bad thing.

      1. You have more faith in Starmer’s ability, and that of the opposition, than I.

        Whilst we are at the outset of a (U.K, and global) recession, and with the palpable possibility of a Tory no-deal Brexit quickly looming, is there actually time, room, or reason, for the opposition to simply play the forensic long-game? Where is their fire and fury?


      2. I suppose it depends on the length of the long game and how much harm it does!
        I’m not sure I have faith in anything anymore. The world is run by loonies, voted in by loonies. It’s like we’ve passed through a cloud of loony gas.
        I just have to hope! The alternative is dire.
        This bunch of selfish greedy morons are dragging us to a hard Brexit and have engineered a covid response that’s by far the worst in Europe! Trump and Bolsonaro are even worse and the public support the three of them!!
        I’m not sure fire and fury changes anything.

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