The Corona Diaries – Day 68

Do I smell a big whiff of hypocrisy??

The government have no plans to reconvene properly. Seemingly it is too dangerous. You can’t have social distancing. Yet it is OK for the teachers to have hundreds of kids in crowded classrooms and narrow corridors where social distancing is impossible.

Is it just that teachers aren’t important enough? They’re expendable?

Is it that kids aren’t important?

Or is it that the economy is more important??

It seems to me that the best time for these things to happen is when the idiots have finally brought the virus under control.

I’m really looking forward to the football though – three or four weeks to go!

What we need, once the testing and follow-up is in place, is a simple local colour system – Green – no cases in your area – safe to go out and mingle. Yellow – some small number of cases – slight risk – keep your distance. Red – a lot of cases – stay indoors! Too much to ask?

I also note that the morons are showing their true Tory colours with the Brexit arrangements and immigration system. They are using the referendum as a justification for their nationalistic xenophobia. The rules for getting into the country will preclude just about all the front-line workers who have kept us safe and fed in lockdown – the nurses, cleaners, drivers, shelf-stackers, carers, deliverers, veggie pickers and the like –  SO MUCH FOR CLAPPING ON THURSDAY!!

Thank you very much, particularly all the ones who dies – now FUCK OFF!!

So much for being grateful to the foreign nurses who saved his life! They can fuck off too!

And if any of them manage to sneak in they can pay a £1000 a year for the pleasure of cleaning wards!

The ideology doesn’t change – elitist, short-sighted and xenophobic. They make me sick.

Putting that all aside, it’s been another fabulous day. I’ve been playing the Meters, walking up hills in the sunshine, surveying wonderful scenery, writing the blurb for Star and looking at the cover, and doing some more on the Harper book – as well as basking in the sun and reading!

What could be nicer? Ain’t life great?


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