The Corona Diaries – Day 65

It is becoming a bit monotonous. Outside things appear to be getting back to normal. A lot of shops are opening and the roads are busy – about normal levels I’d say.

I had to go into town to get some cash. The High Street – which a week ago was empty, was heaving with people. It did look as if most were social distancing but with a lot of people it is not always possible.

Perhaps there are no longer many people out there with the virus? Who knows? Until we all get tested then we can’t be sure.

It’s good to see that they seem to be moving towards testing and following up – that will get us out of this lockdown.

Yesterday a neighbour was telling me that her fifty seven (and extremely fit) brother-in-law has just died from covid. That kind of brings it home to you. He used to go out doing forty miles on his mountain bike. Very sad.

Today I blasted myself with the music and poems of the Last Poets. Great stuff.

I went for a walk up Wolds Hill. It was dull and the landscape was flat but it was quite warm and in didn’t rain. I enjoyed being out.

I’ve been editing my Sci-Fi novel and Roy Harper book. Both proceeding well – but editing certainly takes it out of you!

Anyway – stay safe!!

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