Poetry – The Nothing Man – John Philips

I do like John’s poems and writing. Great stuff. He sums up my thoughts. A populist clown.

The Nothing Man


Have you seen the Nothing Man

Who lives at number ten?

Who’s always telling lies,

The most untrustworthy of men.

This man without a conscience,

Who’s principals are dead.

A stranger to integrity,

A crooked path he treads.


Have you heard the Nothing Man

Who lives in London Town?

A man of flux and bombast;

A con-man and a clown.

His vacuous, bloated, flim-flam words

Surpass his every deed.

This man who will say anything

To serve his every need.


So, do you trust this Nothing Man

Who’s now in full control?

Who’s selling-out his country,

Its people and his soul.

Who, as he blunders on,

Without remorse or doubt or shame,

Surrounds himself with Nothing Men

Who think and act the same.

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