The Corona Diaries – Day 30

I woke up today to a nice bright sparkly bedroom. The new paint looks great!

Sorted my blog and Brazil photos and then headed out for a walk. The sun was shining. Spring was in the air. Flowers were out, birds singing, buds bursting, clouds scudding and all the world is a nascent green. As far as nature is concerned there is no crisis. Covid-19 doesn’t exist. All they know is that there are far less annoying people around and it is much quieter.

I walked out to Lowthorpe with the sun in my face. When I got there the sky started clouding over and a cold easterly breeze was blowing. But it was behind me as I walked back.

Phoned a few people – always good to stay in contact in isolation. Good for the spirits. Nature, love and friendship – the greatest things in life. Reading, writing and loving augment them well.

Playing the Ramones real loud. It is very infectious!!

Life is good.

Still no signs of the dreaded virus. I still have my sniffles. I’m sure it’s some allergy or hay-fever. When you are out walking people cross the road or give you a wide berth. Works well. People are very cautious. It’s a nasty disease. Out down the country lanes you hardly see anybody. It is good to be with nature. But you should see people shift when I sneeze!

Now that I have finished and published the two Sci-fi novels I was working on I am looking at what is probably my best Sci-fi novel – Ebola in the Garden of Eden. I have started a reread and edit to bring it out as a Ron Forsythe book under a different title. That should keep me busy.

This evening we will binge on Spooks – it’s OK but not my favourite. Probably too much TV – but it works.

Life on Day 30 is going along fine – not bored yet – just missing people. Life feels as if it’s on hold. But better safe than sorry. Life’s too precious to waste.

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