Poetry – Ode to a tree.

Ode to a tree

Gnarly bark and arching branches

Reaching up towards the sun.

The wisdom of ages

Quiet and serene,

Surveying the scene

In tranquil contemplation.

The skeleton of winter wakes,

Providing home and shelter,

Beauty and serenity.

Alone against the sky

Delicate and intricate –

True poetry –

A tree.

Through the ages

Calm, at peace with now and then,

Resisting change with the strength

Of botanical Zen.

Aloof and strong,

Blowing with the wind.

A masterclass in filigree

Though some might say

It’s just a tree.


Opher – 12.4.2020

35 thoughts on “Poetry – Ode to a tree.

  1. Still prospering I see! β˜€οΈ
    Beautiful point of view indeed! Your heart, mind, and eyes, have seen plenty to know all about…The Tree. Keep shining through the branches Opher!!β˜€οΈ

      1. Cheers my friend of far!β˜€οΈ I promise you I am not a myth! No, not ever! I am a woman blessed of heart living in the mountains enjoying people! There is a song by Stevie Nicks called Lady of the mountain… Maybe give it a listen sometime?
        Myth is my initials! πŸ˜€ Very personal reasons for the name Myth also apply. And if you look up the word myth My main two initials are highlighted there. My full name will be in the children’sbook that I’m publishing hopefully soon. Your writing has become many thoughts in my head. I often think to myself that most writers never consider the fact that their words linger long in another’s heart or mine. Writers are thieves of each others words, though never our experiences, and within the entwine we find ourselves lingering maybe longer?Love ‘The Tree’, yes I do.β˜€οΈ

      2. Hey Myth – I’ve been spilling my heart in words for decades. I didn’t think anybody was listening. Nice to know that someone cares. That makes it all worthwhile. I look forward to your book. Please let me know when it is out.
        I do love trees. I hope that shows.

      3. Don’t let the song scare you! It’s just a song. πŸ˜€ My head’s on straight, and my heart’s always in the right place. Be safe always, you and yours!
        Keep riding and sharing your words of wisdom an experience.

      4. Naive, not I., No. But I too live in perpetual hope!β˜€οΈ Opher, I’m writing another book about an experience I had in 2014 October 10th. Without all the details of how it occurred, I’ll tell you this, midnight I went out of my back deck wanting to capture some pictures of the beautiful bright moon that night. As I was doing so, something else caught my eye and I captured 12 amazing photographs in the night sky. And when I zoomed in to the Moon everything I captured next to the Moon was unbelievably beautiful! 10 of my closest friends have seen these photographs. Each of my friends on different occasions whom have seen the photographs all agree of what they’ve seen. I have had years now to study my photographs. Frightened, then light, my life changed in an instant, the way I write poetry changed in an instant, there is so much that has come happened in my life since that moment. And there is so much more to this story. But I will tell you this… things happen to people in this world in our lifetimes that we cannot explain. Just like governments, NASA does not tell us everything that they know! There is something bigger all around us constantly and we better buckle up and we better get it right! I thought of many ways to share my photographs. I even thought about putting them in an Art Exhibit somewhere, or hire someone to paint them on a beautiful wall mural, and let people decide for themselves (what is so evident) what it is they see. My photographs will be in my book. If only people would learn to pay attention and not disrupt! What is happening in the world today… I’ll just leave it at that. We must accept each other on this planet for who we are and nothing less! Creativity is the beauty in us all, not the fingers that point falsehood and ridicule!! if we don’t start now we will be taking too or knees. Take of yourself, fill your soul and heart and mind with love! Never stop writing Opher, never stop giving your soul to the world and what it’s made of! We are all amazing works of art! But for many to really realize that…we must leave allow each other to be who we were meant to be! β˜€οΈπŸ€—

      5. I have been wanting to show my pictures to the world for so long! I’ve talked to one gentleman from at one of our observatories about my photographs. I plan on having some local astronomers up to my place this summer to take a look at them. I don’t believe that anyone on this planet can explain the event that I captured in the sky? And I know that I cannot possibly be the only person that has captured something amazing on their camera on this planet. 3 years ago I spoke to someone at Time Magazine because one of the photographs that I have absolutely should be on the cover of Time Magazine for the whole world to see. But I’m such a private person it’s my nature and I don’t want the circus that comes with all of that. And I knew that if I took my photographs to the papers the prayers from all over the world would come up here to our small community. and I am also aware that right now what’s going on in the world and the photographs that I captured what really change our world I would like to believe it would be changed for a much more loving world. What you do with your writing from your soul is amazing. It will never matter what negativity/ if any, may come your way. My book will have my name on it. I am secure enough within myself that negativity , and name-calling matters not. But I know that I experienced something that is bigger than all of us! and the photographs that I captured in the long run have absolutely nothing to do with me. Only that the world needs to see them!

      6. You certainly make me wonder what it is that those pictures show. I would love to see a more humane world. How are you going to get them out there?

      7. I’m going to say it like this, if I had not captured the event that took place, on camera, I may have never talked about it to anyone with the exception of my dearest friends, and Sons. I am not a religious woman, but after what I saw that took place, I searched immediately for answers within the Bible. I don’t know if you recall…On April 15, 2014, there was a total lunar eclipse which was the first of four consecutive total eclipses in a series, known as a tetrad; a second one took place on October 8, 2014, the third one on April 4, 2015, and the remaining one took place on September 27, 2015. No one can tell me that out of the Thousand satellites that we have in the sky those satellites did not capture what I captured on my camera as well! 2014 was a very biblical year. I understand how others around the world who may have captured events or unexplained happenings with their cameras never talk about it. The first word that would come out of many people’s mouths be ‘crazy’, even with the proof starting back at them . I have three books in the works. I’m not one who likes to sit for very long. Of course writing requires that action. In talking with friends I know that the event that took place in the sky needs to be seen by the world. My big concern is it will cause a lot of Chaos which would not be my intention whatsoever. I don’t have answers for anything! And I don’t believe anyone else on this planet will either? Had I not zoomed in with my camera after the first picture captured I would have missed the event that ook place on October 10th 2014. All 12 pictures will be placed in my book, as I share the story and how it took place. And my reactions from beginning to end and where what I witnessed has brought me to today. β˜€οΈ Peace.

      8. Myrtle Thomas!?πŸ˜‚ T. H. The Hunted! 🀫 Opher, you’re the best! πŸ˜‡ “May life always find you finding”! What better way to be? MyTH *.β˜€οΈ

      9. Myra Thurman!? Who are these people you speak of? πŸ˜‚ What next… Margaret Truman? πŸ˜€ Now I have a question for you, Opher, what has happened to our world? ☹️ Where have all the flowers gone? Remember that song? You know why I always come back to your blog? Because man you’ve been there, you have seen so much! And you know what a beautiful world it could be! β˜€οΈ

      10. The flowers have gone where everything else has – trampled by 8 billion feet, polluted by the waste from 8 billion lives, deliberately uprooted, covered in concrete, lost in agriculture, sterilised and dug up, buried under waste and its pollinators destroyed by insecticides. Nature has been ruined.

      11. Opher, this reply you have left me this morning is exactly why I enjoy your writing. You’re not afraid of Truth, nor are you afraid to write it. And I am not offended by reading it. Speaking of nature, something else seems to be going on as well? I live in the forest, access to the back of my cabin is very close to a trail which leads Bear, skunks, foxes, and raccoons up the back stairs of my home.
        These beautiful animals have been coming up to the back of my home every night for the past 9 years. But just within the last 2 weeks there has not been one animal on my decks at night. Not a deer insight below. And we’re all wondering where have the birds gone? And, It is so heartbreaking to witness so much hatred in this world. Far too many people spend so much of their life energy in trying to Dismount others from their own right to be, due to their own personal issues not dealt with. And of course then there is space. If mankind does ever make it to another planet to call home, mankind’s behavior will not evole, there is far too much baggage to carry along? Opher, how wonderful it would be to sit and have a day-long conversation with you! In all seriousness, never mind when I’m being silly(yes?) it’s just to create some light! β˜€οΈ Cheers always in your mind’s eye! β˜€οΈ May you always caress your living!

      12. Maybe one day we will have a beer or a glass of wine and talk all day about wondrous things and dreadful things and how we might make the dreadful wonderful again. Wouldn’t that be great?

      13. Opher, of course, do feel free to delete my comments at anytime. My purpose and replying to you and your writing is not to clog up your comment section. πŸ™‚

      1. My accomplishments are very meagre. I have written many books and sold few. I think that indicates what most people think of my efforts. But in the face of criticism one must keep trying and try even harder.

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