The Corona Diaries – Day 21

It’s quiet.

Normally I can hear the traffic in the village. Cars going up and down main street. Usually there are the odd cars and delivery vans going up and down our little cul de sac. Not any more. There is hardly a sound.

I think the birds are enjoying it. I noticed a pied wagtail sitting on our lawn and a great tit was checking out the nesting box. It’s been good for nature. It makes me realise that when we are gone it will all quickly come back. Roots will break up the concrete, the vegetation will soon be back and the animals will follow.

Gaia is reasserting herself – a gentle warning to change our ways.

Today I am listening to Phil Ochs and have the haunting ‘Changes’ playing in the background, very loudly.

Yesterday I decorated the back bedroom. It looks great.

Today I am editing my latest Sci-fi novel – ‘Farm 703 the human project’. It’s going quite well. It is certainly weird – and quite relevant to what is happening. It is about bacteria farming us humans. They control us. They have released Covid-19.

We are now in a routine that does not change too much.

The sun is now out. Soon I will go for my daily walk. Nature is restorative.

This is the third week of isolation completed. We haven’t gone mad yet, neither have we had any great rows. We’re coping well. A lot to do. It’s nice to have the time.

Life is change. Stay safe through its turmoil!


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