Quote 17 – Phil Ochs – I’m Gonna Say it Now – Words about speaking out.

Quote 17 – Phil Ochs – I’m Gonna Say it Now – Words about speaking out.


Phil Ochs spoke out. He was strident about equal rights, peace and freedom.

‘So I am just a student sir
And only want to learn
But it’s hard to read through the risin’ smoke
From the books that you like to burn

So I’d like to make a promise
And I’d like to make a vow
That when I’ve got something to say, sir
I’m gonna say it now’

It seems to me that if a person has something to say they should speak.

It is no good drifting along without engaging with the mad things going on. You cannot divorce yourself.

If there are things you disagree with then shout!

It won’t make you popular. It won’t make you friends. But you’ll be able to live with yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Quote 17 – Phil Ochs – I’m Gonna Say it Now – Words about speaking out.

    1. That is great Pooj. What I like most is that someone saying things from so long ago is still just as pertinent today and connects with young students of today. I love him too.

      1. One might have hoped that things would have become better so that we no longer needed his words – quite the opposite I’m afraid. But I do not hear any young people singing out!

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