The real reason for Brexit!!

This is the real reason for Brexit!!!

These are the type of people who are backing Brexit. They are all going to make a killing!!

Brexit is all about putting huge money into rich peoples’ pockets even if it ruins the country and screws everyone!

They are funding the propaganda machine of lies!!

8 thoughts on “The real reason for Brexit!!

    1. Ho Ho. Yep – let’s isolate ourselves and blow our cities up again. There’s too many people – kill off a few million again!
      No – as for me I prefer talk and collaboration in a partnership – like you have in the States (or does Washington and California pull all the strings?
      I don’t care who rules us. In the end it, it is the same small elite who buy the power and run the world for their own benefit.
      The EU is the best thing that happened. It’s helped keep peace for my lifetime.

      1. you’re opposed to brexit, therefore stating that you don’t care who “rules” you is somewhat redundant. the key is making your country a place no one wants to rule. You know… Somalia. You are trying to rid yourself of serpents. The best way to do that is remove their food source. Think about it 🙂

      2. Of course I’m opposed to Brexit. I don’t want to be poorer, with less possibilities and power. I want to be part of a more prosperous partnership. I don’t like isolation. I like collaboration. Just think what the States would be like if you had custom posts, tariffs and checks, passport control between each State? I want my children to move about freely, live and work where they like and have more opportunities.
        It’s the same people ruling you as ruling me and always will be. Ridding yourself of these serpents is an illusion. Have you looked recently to see who’s in the Whitehouse?

      3. Yeah – that sleazeball is the epitome of the global elite who are running things. They don’t usually surface and prefer to put in puppets. You said about starving the serpents – well he’s one of the biggest – a rather stupid slimeball.

  1. i just want to say that they never get the comparison with the United States of America. They don’t like the suggestion that one state would/could break away and yet they think it’s great when Trump sticks his nose into our business. They want us to be small and insignificant so they can plunder our NHS. The whole concept of Brexit is stupid to think that there would be a better way of trading with our nearest neighbours and the rest of the world. I almost can’t be bothered anymore as it seems futile. The election won’t solve this, it’s too confusing. Sorry this meant to be a small post and it turned into a rant. sorry.

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