Will AI be great for everyone?

I think AI will be great – once we’ve ironed out the problems.

However, I think the transitions need managing and that has not happened in the past. Mass production was partly responsible for the depression of the 30s.

I have a great deal of optimism about the free market. History tells me that new advances just serve to make the rich richer. They do not want to share the spoils of progress with their workers.

AI will free up huge numbers of workers. I do not believe that it will create a corresponding number of new jobs. What we have now is a displaced workforce stacking shelves and delivering parcels for peanuts. Soon they’ll be out of work.

Are we going to put the increased profits into higher wages, job sharing, shorter hours, more leisure? Or will it simply go into the pockets of the rich?

I think the free market will sim[ply make the rich richer and the poor on the scrapheap unless there is good management of the transition.