Who elects these incompetent politicians??

All over the world we have examples of completely incompetent or obnoxious politicians repeatedly elected into power?

Who elects them?

Here’s two imbeciles elected by the UK public:

Christopher Chope

A senile old fool who specialises in blocking bills because he can.

He is so out of touch and stupid that he doesn’t live in the real world. This is the idiot who blocked the bill on upskirting. He seems to think it is OK for men to go around taking photos up girl’s skirts.

He has just blocked a bill that would make it harder to commit FGM. He seems to think it is OK for young girls to have their genitals hacked with razor blades.

What has this cretin got against women?

He voted against gay rights. He voted against gay marriage. He voted against legislation to promote equality and human rights.

What century does this old bigot live in?

Chis Grayling

This isn’t a case of senility – merely gross incompetence and stupidity.

One glance through his record should be enough to convince anyone that he’s an idiot.

Messing up the trains – overseeing the new Train timetable that resulted in chaos.

Failure with HS2 and Crossrail – all over budget and a mess.

Failure to deal with drones leading to airport chaos.

Helped create the Universal Credit mess.

Complete mismanagement of the Justice System.

And the latest farce – awarding a £13.8 million contract to run a ferry service to a company that hasn’t any ships and has never run a ferry service. What was he thinking??? The company even seems to have copied its terms and conditions from a pizza delivery service. I should have applied. He’d probably have given me a few million.

Yet this incompetent twat is still a cabinet minister. Mrs May obviously thinks he’s better than all the rest!!

His electorate continue to vote him into parliament.

So who is it that continually votes in these incompetent, senile idiots??

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