No Man is an island – we need progressive taxation.

No man is an island. We are all part of a society comprising hundreds of millions of people. In order for that many people to coexist there has to be structure and compromise. That means taxes.

There is a balance between complete freedom and existing as part of this society.

I’m in the UK. I reckon we’ve got it about right. I have freedom to say what I like, believe what I like, vote for who I like, go where I like. I have fair laws and a good standard of living. I might rail against many things that I don’t like – the inequality for example – but it is still pretty good.

No man can be completely free when he lives in among other people.

Without laws there is chaos and everyone suffers.

Without taxes we do not have the things society requires in order to prosper.

Without compassion we have selfishness and greed.

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