Elizabeth Warren and the Green New Deal

I’m not that big on American politics. I don’t know much about Elizabeth Warren, apart from the fact that she seems to have really riled up Trump and the extreme right-wing nutcases, but I know what I like.

Elizabeth Warren is making all the right noises. Her policies seem to be just what is required:

  • Policies that work for everyone – not just the wealthy
  • To clean up the corruption in Washington
  • To do away with lobbyists and PAC
  • To take control away from the wealthy and well-connected
  • To provide medicare for all
  • To combat climate change
  • To maintain contraception, sex education and abortion
  • To raise taxes on the rich and corporations and reduce inequality
  • The New Green Deal

I like anyone who puts the environment first. The New Green Deal is a move in the right direction. I like anyone who puts ordinary people on a level footing. At present the whole system is rigged. The rules are made up by the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful. That needs changing.

It is quite clear to me that Trump represents the same old wealthy clique and has done nothing to address corruption or inequality. It’s time that someone comes in and sweeps that old rotten garbage out of government – booted the lobbyists out once and for all.

I just read a right-wing site which is putting a scurrilous gloss on her – all this garbage about her Native American heritage with racial slurs – Pocahontas and the like. Who cares? I thought it was plain disgusting. Mud slinging of that nature is stupid. But it does clearly demonstrate that they fear her. Good.

Well I don’t know too much about her yet. I’m sure I’ll find out more as we go along. But if what I’ve heard up until now is anything to go by then she’d get my support.

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