Education – Are the Tories finally coming to their senses?

After a decade of driving education back to the dark ages of the 1950s is there the glimmer of some awakening taking place?

Gove started the stupid drive to a richer knowledge-based curriculum. He tightened up the GCSE with more memory testing knowledge. Took out the pupil assessment components and then brought in the English Baccalaureate which signalled the death of the arts and humanities subjects. Suddenly Music, Art, Dance, Geography and History were second-rate subjects of little value and squeezed out of the curriculum.

So the schools taught to the exam to gain the results – not because this was good for students but this was good for stats – and school survival and funding depended on stats. If they did not get high results then they would get inspected and a bad Ofsted result meant parent flight a loss of budget and teacher redundancies. It was fraught.

So the students were sacrificed on the whims of necessity.

Now they are waking up to the fact that the modern world does not require knowledge. Knowledge is there at the click of a phone. What is required is teamwork, lateral thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, caring and empathy, respect and tolerance. All those things that Gove so stupidly threw out.

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