What makes a country a Rogue State???

  • A country that flouts international law
  • A country that shows aggression towards other states
  • A country that interferes with the internal politics of other countries
  • A country that props up tyrannies in other States in order to gain advantage
  • A country that starts wars
  • A country that uses corruption, secret operations, bribes, propaganda and misinformation to gain advantage
  • Human rights violations
  • Committing atrocities

If any country does any of these things it should be considered a Rogue State.

Sound familiar?

7 thoughts on “What makes a country a Rogue State???

      1. Namaste Opher 🙂

        Twas released in 1986! Nothing’s really changed in the world since then has it?

        Editing today…excellent: then it should be on the shelves very soon! Good luck!

        Hoping all is well.

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Meeting with my Editor tomorrow to discuss God’s Bolt and the sequel Unfinished Business. A lot more editing to do. But I reckon I’ll have it done by next week. Then I’ll give God’s Bolt to my other editor. I should have it all done in a month or so!
        Hope things are good with you and you’re busy writing!

      3. Namaste Opher 🙂

        Two editors? I see…rather than just being sure, you want to be certain! 😉 Keep writing, almost at the finishing line.

        Things are improving slowly, thanks.

        Namaste 🙂


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