Some thoughts on Survival of the Fittest and Trauma.

I don’t think nature rewards evil. Nature rewards all survival tactics. I believe human beings survived and prospered because of our ability to work together and show a helping hand. We are fundamentally compassionate.
I do agree that we need to eradicate evil from human nature. I believe we do that through good education and good upbringing. At present too many of our children are traumatised by war, fear or abuse.
The human mind is delicate. I think traumatised people exhibit unpleasant characteristics. The abused and bullied abuse and bully. Those exposed to violence become violent. Cruelty fosters cruelty.
I do not believe that humans are fundamentally evil. I think we are traumatised by events.
I put my faith in education. It can make us less violent and cruel.
We need to nurture each other. Love conquers hate.
Those who abuse others or torture animals are sick. They need treating.

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