The Joys of Blogging – into a fourth year!!

I wrote this back in May. I was being subjected to a lot of abusive trolling back then. That trolling has returned.
Receiving death threats is not what I was expecting.

Opher's World

The Joys of Blogging


I’ve been blogging for exactly three years now. It has been a very strange and time consuming experience. I was very naïve. I imagined I would put out my material and discover a small number of like-minded people who I could argue with, share views, befriend, laugh with, enjoy, discuss and debate.

I discovered that it doesn’t quite happen like that.

So what is my material?

Well, part of the reason I set up my blog was to provide a vehicle for promoting my books. So part of the content has been extracts from my many books. As a writer I enjoy writing and sharing my writing. The rest of the blog has been made up of my poetry, art, photography, and comment on current political, religious and social issues that I am interested in, people that have inspired me, books, travel, and Rock music…

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