So what’s May going to do now?

Having been trounced and humiliated one would think that a bit less pig-headedness would not go amiss.

The only reason she is still there is because there is no credible leader in the wings, nobody who could hold the Tories together. They are tottering and on the verge of falling apart.

Yet obstinate May will press on arrogantly pushing her own agenda.

Any sign of humility? No.

For someone who has just suffered the biggest defeat in Britain’s long political history it is almost beyond belief that she remains. She has no credibility left. She can’t control parliament and has lost control of her own party. If she had any honour she’d go.

Not only that but she lies through her teeth. She’s doing it for the good of the country. Bollocks. It has always, right from the start, been about her hanging on to power and the Tory Party. It has never been about the country. Liar Liar Liar!!

So now we are left with three choices:

  1. She invites Jeremy Corbyn and other leaders to join together to hammer out a deal which will be a form of Brexit that would both get through Parliament and be acceptable to the EU. That would probable be remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union.

2. She accepts that parliament cannot make a decision and puts it back to the people to decide.

3. She stubbornly hangs on to her stupid red lines and we end up crashing out and doing great harm to the country.

Is she going to put the country first?

I’m sick to death of the silly woman telling us what the country voted for. How the hell, in a binary vote and such a narrow margin, can anyone tell what people voted for? Some voted for one thing and some another.

If one takes any one of the issues – single market, customs union, sovereignty, freedom of movement, whatever, I would suggest that none of them had a majority of the public. To suggest otherwise is pig-headed, blinkered and outrageous. Everyone had their own reasons.

For the good of the country do what is right!


12 thoughts on “So what’s May going to do now?

  1. Why is there so much confusion and misinformed conjecture regarding yesterday’s vote? Why are there so many who simply didn’t understand this process?
    Opher, I know this might seem a little odd for you, but she as PM is the nominated person to present to parliament all the options – in a due process of structure.
    For one reason or another they don’t let the house Janitor carry out this task.
    It doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, these MPs have to choose one choice.
    The country still has to leave the EU.
    That is an absolute definite.
    Just exactly under what terms, if any, is the process, and eventually that process will determine that state of play.
    The idiocy as displayed by so much media commentary is simply mind boggling. Yet these people have a vote.

    1. Sal – that is false to start with. The country does not have to leave the EU. A referendum is not binding; it is advisory. A government can simply ignore it. I’m not suggesting that would be a good thing to do. But it is a fact. Parliament decides – not the people. That is representative democracy.
      As Parliament knows that Brexit is bad for the country they are rightly pointing it out. We were lied to all along the way. We were deceived and conned.
      In this impasse the people should be consulted again to see if this is still the will of the people. I’d bet that it isn’t. Most people have woken up.
      The alternative is for our democratically elected MPs to get together to decide what Brexit they are prepared to back. I reckon that would be in the Single Market and Customs Union. And I would suggest that would be acceptable to a majority of the country too.
      If May wasn’t such an arrogant arse she would have sorted that two years ago! What a stupid Fool she has been!

      1. Opher – if everything is that meaningless then Opher, we can both stop paying our bills, our taxes and tell the law and anybody else who gets in our face to fuck off.
        You seem to have forgotten Opher, that parliament, 500 of them voted for Brexit. They voted for Article 50.
        Stick to the facts – leave your conjecture in your hankerchief where it belongs.
        I really don’t need to be reminded our “democratically” elected MPs etc.
        I work with these cunts. I know a great number of these cunts. I speak to many of these cunts on the phone about monetary expenditure in their capacities as functioning MPs. Most are greedy self-serving cunts wasting good money on expensive meals, taxis, bars, hotels, airfares, clothing, 1st class rail tickets, you bloody name it. These are the arrogant arses Opher. Them and them only.

        What could May sort? These EU people play the game. They cannot afford for UK to leave. Look at France and Italy. The EU is on the brink of collapse. It’s over.

        When you consider what Tony Blair was doing in all his numerous meetings with the Eurocrats and telling them exactly how to make it difficult for the UK, it is really no surprise what happened as the EU kept moving the goal posts. All that hard border in Ireland nonsense was simply to upset the cart.
        What is obvious to all is the scale of ineptitude and corruption within the EU.
        They confirmed all our suspicions and previous beliefs 100%. They’re over. We’re Out!
        Who cares how we leave! Just leave these crooks!

        Membership of the EU is tantamount to working for the Krays or the Richardson gangs. They will not tolerate being questioned. They will rule with an iron rod and they will wilfully damage any impertinent voices.

        Unlike yourself, I don’t suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

      2. MPs can vote again. That vote was not fixed in stone. Don’t you understand that? Leaving is not a mandate. They can reverse it if they choose.
        I would have thought it was obvious? The stupid woman should have formed a cross-party group to decide on what they wanted before pushing the button. She just let the Brexiteers lose without a hope in hell of them getting a good deal or anything that would get through parliament. It’s not rocket science. She was an utter idiot.
        As for the EU – well I see them in an entirely different light to you. You want to make us poorer and less powerful but I don’t. I’d rather be in and making it better than out and severely damaging our economy and influence. I’d rather be outward looking than inward thanks.

  2. They must leave the EU Opher. That’s what they’re all discussing – the manner in how they will leave – under what criteria. I thought that was elementary.
    I cannot imagine how you arrived at any other conclusion.
    Let’s just leave it at that.

    Or have you been paying more attention to the upsetters of the process, these naysayers and cart toppler’s like Corbyn, who’s made a specimen of himself?

    1. Sal – no they mustn’t. They must do what is best for the country. They should either rescind article 50 directly or hold another referendum now that we know what is at stake and can see through the lies.
      Try not to allow your hatred of the EU cloud your judgement. To create a disaster for our children out of ideology is not right.
      If the people, now it has been spelt out, are foolish enough to vote for it again then they should suffer the consequences.

      1. Well they won’t. Even they realise the refusal to carry out the will of the majority of the people and the majority in parliament would be suicidal.
        Try not to allow your love of the EU to blind your ability to form a singular coherent thought.
        To remove our children? (mine have a life of their own and earn great money and do what they like, when they like. One in fact earns more money in one year than I do in four, the bastard) from the turmoil that is boiling over now in the EU is the smartest decision we have made since sliced bread.
        The World Trade market calls. We will do significantly better.
        We can start cleaning the garbage out – we do that already anyway – and attract the top people. We really don’t need any more Romanian shoplifting gangs and migrant immigrants with nothing to offer. We’ve got about six million of them all sucking our tits contributing nothing.
        Enough is enough.

      2. I think they have the knowledge and sense to either make a deal that keeps us very closely aligned or go for a second vote.
        They, like me, do not share your view of Eastern Europeans. They know that immigration has significantly contributed to our economy. They put in much more than they take out and are necessary in large numbers of institutions from the NHS, agriculture, catering and old people’s homes, to plumbing, construction and electricians. We have a severe skill shortage and need for seasonal workers. Your stereotype of Romanians is far off the mark.
        WTO terms would be a disaster and throw us into a major recession and complete chaos. Most people know that.
        The will of the people is firmly to remain. If you are so certain it isn’t why are you so against proving it with a vote?

      3. Opher – did you actually watch what happened? Did you actually do any listening?
        If you want an example of ideology Opher, take a closer look at the EU.
        You Remoaners are something else. You just can’t face up to facts.
        We’re leaving. End of story.
        All that’s to be decided is on what terms.
        Considering what Germany has to lose, some 950,000 cars a year to sell and a two million workforce to pay, we’ll get a soft Brexit deal and none of that Blackstop nonsense. The EU is now in a huge panic. Their economy is on a slide, ours isn’t.

        Spend some time learning how the WTO works and all the multiple advantages.
        You don’t seem to know anything about it.
        We don’t even do any or much trade with the majority of all the EU members. Most of it is with about just half a dozen of them. That won’t stop unless of course we can find cheaper prices elsewhere. Automatically we will achieve 10% cheaper prices on food and clothing. Which means the EU has been actively over taxing the poor on life essentials. We have learned a lot about the EU in the last two years and the extent of their greed and corruption is unforgivable. I don’t want people’s children (it won’t be mine) having to do EU compulsory army service – which they plan to introduce.
        I think some of them are barking mad. Let them wreck their own countries. We have done enough damage to ours as it is. Time to roll the rubbish out back to wherever a lot quicker now. Let’s invite the best of the best. We’ve had out fill with Euro trash. That experiment wasn’t nearly as successful as it was supposed to be.

        That question that you were asked a couple of days ago that you failed to answer because you just don’t have any knowledge on the subject.
        For every one of the 80% of immigrants sitting in a B&B, not working, no chance of working, and smoking all our money on endless benefits = the need for 12 people to be in a job and contributing. Every one of these wasters needs 12 of us to pay for their vacuous useless life.
        We can’t go on like that. That’s an impossibility. We need that money for our needs for our people.

        I see that you do your best to ignore anything you can’t handle. Such as Poland and Hungary being suspended from voting, yet Austria is not, for tearing up the UN Global Pact. That’s appalling.

        The EU uses subtle bribery in order to keep the leading politicians of ‘member states’ on board, bribery in the form of promises of senior positions within the European council after they retire from national politics, and this is done by simply offering sizeable salaries. For instance, as incredible as it may seem, the annual retirement pension for former EU councillors is MORE than the current annual salary of the POTUS… and there are around 1500 councillors in existence at any one time, let alone the hordes who’ve already retired. One only has to imagine how far such a wage would influence the policies of most European politicians, especially considering many of the 28 member states have national average wages totalling little more than some third-world countries. Just watch those slimy runts cramming their proverbial snouts in that EU trough.
        They couldn’t give a shit about your “children” Opher. Or your bleedin’ heart.

      4. Don’t you get it Sal? It is quite possible that we will leave with a very soft Brexit. It may or may not be on March 29th. I’ll put the odds on it being a bit later. But I also think that there is a growing chance that there will be a second referendum and won’t leave at all.
        For all your vehement extremism and rudeness you are completely oblivious to what is going on. The will of the people is no longer for leaving. The sensible ones have looked at the reality, got totally pissed off with the lies from extremists like you, and no longer want to shoot themselves in the head. Didn’t you see the last poll? 12% lead to stay.
        That is in line with local polls all over the country. People know that they arrogant stuff pouring out of extremists mouths is bollocks, exaggeration and lies.

        For chrissakes, man, you are so slow.

        I TOLD YOU that it WILL be a soft Brexit. Germany NEEDS it to be soft.
        There is ZERO chance of any second referendum. That the thinking of the dullards.

        I don’t have vehement extremism. I’ll leave that to you extreme left-wing Soyboy shills. I have common fucking sense. I apply reason before belief. Nobody sold me up the river like they did with you. Look at yourself – you support treacherous traitor scum like racist Corbyn and that basket case racist Abbott. Are you proud of yourself? Lol.

        The will of the people is VERY much for leaving. All over the media now, and I mean ALL over, including the BBC no less, everybody, all the MP’s, all the pundits, are all saying the Labour needs to get interested, needs to get involved.
        The thing is Labour for one really does need to do that otherwise they have NO chance of recovery EVER again. These working class majority who by far voted leave will NEVER forgive them if they don’t.

        I don’t touch polls Opher. They are for fools. The polls were wrong for two general elections ago, the Scottish leaving the UK referendum, the UK leaving the EU referendum and the last general election. That’s FOUR in row that talked UTTER BOLLOCKS, And you want to tell me about your Noddyland polls?
        Get a grip of yourself.

        In fact Opher, people watch EU Parliament on YouTube etc and they learn exactly what we are up against. They are not quite as daft as you. They know a lot better.
        Your pissing down your own leg here.

        All of the UK TV in the last 72 hours tell a completely different story. Maybe you need to step out further than the confines of that sorry little town Beverley and see what really happening and hear what people are really saying. It may surprise you.

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