My Ideal Day!! We can but dream!

Well today is a huge day for the future of our country! Let us hope that things go right for once! There certainly hasn’t been much to cheer about for a few years now. But today it could start going right!

Today parliament are voting on May’s deal. That could trigger a whole series of events that would certainly lift the spirits of the nation and put us back on the road to recovery.

Here’s is what I dearly wish will happen:

  • May’s fudge of a deal is decisively thrown out.
  • May resigns.
  • The Tory Party split – never to regain power again.
  • There is a General election.
  • Article 50 is revoked.
  • Labour win the election and form a truly Labour Government.
  • Austerity is ended, Tax loopholes are plugged, inequality is addressed, our public services are repaired, the poor are not demonised. Fairness is the mantra for Britain once again.
  • There is a second referendum and the idea of leaving is firmly crushed.
  • We get back to making Britain a pleasant land to live in.

We can but dream!

40 thoughts on “My Ideal Day!! We can but dream!

      1. And here’s one example of your good cheer Opher.
        She’s a “brainwashed parrot”.
        What an intelligent retort?

      2. I enjoyed it. When people attack me with jibes about doing drugs and being out of my gourd they get a mouthful back. I think it was very restrained and quite humorous.
        Are you on a crusade to represent Sarah or is there more to it?

  1. How is austerity ended when we’ve only been paying back £50 Billion a year for just nine years? £900 Billion at £50 Billion a year equals 18 years. Silly Opher.
    Like fatty Abbott, who can’t do sums either. Lol

    We have a long way to go to rid ourselves of that Damocles sword around our collective neck.

    Stop bloody dreaming and WAKE UP!

    1. Austerity is a bit of Tory ideology thanks Sarah. If they had stimulated the economy instead of cutting public services and ripping into the poor we would have had the cash to deal with deficits. Their tactics haven’t worked to get us out of the recession. We’ve languished.
      You’ve got so much to learn.

    2. Sarah – there are far better ways of running an economy. If you run it into the ground – just about worst in Europe – you can’t pay off deficits.
      Making the poor and public servants pay for the follies of bankers while rewarding the greedy bastards who got us in the mess is not my idea of how to do things.
      Get your blinkers off!

      1. How do you figure that? Greece. Italy, Spain. Portugal. Ireland. All up to their necks in EU bail out debt. You know nothing.
        You are just full of personal conjecture made-up bullshit to suit your mantra. You are a very poor debater. Where are you facts and figures sunshine boy?

      2. Sarah – Ireland is booming. Portugal is now booming too –
        And it looks as if Greece is back on the up:
        Spain is not doing so bad either: Economic growth has been strong but is projected to moderate in 2019 and 2020.
        Do you really know what you are talking about or are you just plucking nonsense out of the air?
        Perhaps you’d better read the links I’ve put up for you?

      3. Yes Opher. But the DEBTS still stand. They still need to be paid back. Hello!
        Greece on the up? You mean because they changed governments twice, Imprsoned some for theft and totally wrote OFF a huge portion of debt.
        A huge portion of debt that every other nation state is now contributing to on top of any other monies that they might owe already.
        Well done Opher. Could you be any more of a simpleton?

      4. Why therefore, Opher, does the UK have to strongest economic growth than any other country in Europe at this present moment in time?

    3. Wasn’t it Osbourne who told us that with austerity and the swingeing cuts to public services, the pay freezes and loss of public service jobs, cuts to pensions and benefit cuts to the poor, that we would sort it all out in less than 5 years??
      I think it’s you that’s been duped! Ten years, a mismanaged economy, fiasco of Brexit, huge damage to the country, massive poverty, food banks, knife crime, trains in chaos and crisis in every public service. And you still support them?
      Who’s the idiot??

      1. The GDP results tell you that there has always been economic growth every year. But he was never going to repay Labour’s massive debt of £900 Billion in just five years, was he? That’s an eighteen/twenty year plan.
        A mismanaged economy doesn’t have a growth with GDP, or don’t you understand?
        Labour’s lack of ability to count the swarms of immigration was lamentable. They lost something like 400,000 somewhere. The results are hospitals, housing, schools cannot provide for the massive demands. Labour fucked the country over at a massive scale. Knife crime is 90% black on black. Let that Muslim mayor sort out his own shit. He’s got the most densely policed city in the world to deal with it.
        Why don’t you stop Muslims having so many children and putting a massive strain on Child Benefits allowances?
        Why don’t you stop immigrants being permanently unemployed. 80% of all immigrants are unemployed contributing nothing and costing the tax payers a great deal. Why are they all here when they don’t need to be. We don’t need them so why keep them? It’s an expensive drain on our limited resources.
        Trains have nothing to do with the government. They are in private ownership. All any government can do is issue and monitor performance guidelines. Why don’t you complain that Ryan Air and Easy Jet are always late, too? Or my taxi last week to go to the airport? Or that drone flying over Gatwick at Xmas spoiling my friends getaway break? Whine, bloody whine is all you do.
        Of course I would rather have a Tory govt anyday before that Labour shower of Marxist shit. Total hate filled scum. Not all, but too many. Corbyn cannot be trusted following his anti-Semitic business and wholesale support of the IRA. We’d have a racist white hating Home Secretary in charge of immigration who cannot for the life of her do simple arithmetic. It’s all too appalling to even consider.

        All of your complaints would have been avoided if Labour had not borrowed such an insane amount of money. All they did was shore up a complete failure of an economic policy that was dead in the water from day one. Never had Blair ever budgeted for a war, but he held one nonetheless. We’re all still paying for it. And you voted for that tosser for all these years? How bloody stupid were you?

      2. I see that you have been brainwashed into this right-wing shit. World recessions somehow don’t register in your head. It was all Labour’s fault. The Tory scum can carry on hammering public services and the poor to funnel the wealth to their chums. Obnoxious.

  2. Yes Opher. These Labour wankers you so admire took us down for just short of a Trillion Pounds. And you want them back? Are you completely bonkers?

      1. If there is one thing you have piss poor knowledge of it’s anything to do with economy.
        Read all the previous posts. How many people does it take to criticise your little if any knowledge.

        One question. How many people need to be in a job to pay for one single unemployed immigrant?

        Answer: You bloody well have no friggin’ idea.

  3. He didn’t? Did he? You mean he totally forgot all about the existing debts?
    That sounds just like the Labour Party! Lol.

  4. Somebody somewhere in the upper echelons of the EU will be somehow involved in the UK debt. Presently we owe say 450 Billion, plus the 35 they want for leaving. So hat’s just under 500 Billion we still owe. I can see a very good reason why we’re getting some hassle from them here. Unlike Switzerland who get of for free.

    1. He doesn’t do sums. He just can’t grasp these huge numbers and want to think his moronic Labour party were completely responsible for that entire fiasco. He’ll focus on anything but the truth. He’s a party tool that’s been programmed. He’s lost the plot.

      1. Sarah – don’t be silly. I do sums thanks. I ran a big school with a multimillion budget. Stop coming out with these childish jibes. I hardly think the Labour Party were involved in the American sub-prime market which triggered the world recession.
        If anyone has lost the plot it is you – a silly shill for scummy Tories.

      2. Interesting description of the funding of schools there Opher. I think the education authority already know the operating costs levels of any school and your only job regarding handling money is to see that any petty-cash monies are spent correctly and accounted for. The local education authority are very much directly responsible for the financial controls of about 95% of any schools financial operations.
        Being a civil servant in the finance division, I just might know that.
        Please stop exaggerating.

      3. Opher – that’s completely correct, the Labour party were not responsible.
        However, the warnings were put out FIVE years in advance.
        Why did no other EU country need to borrow £900 Billion?
        What was Labour doing that required – all of a sudden – such funding?
        Would there perhaps have been a slight problem with Labour’s domestic or even foreign policy?
        Did £900 Billion never ring any alarm bells for you?
        Were you left with full confidence in the Labour Party’s financial acumen?

      4. Sal – and warnings are put out now about the effects of Brexit. There are always warnings but nobody believed they were going to happen. There are warnings now about another major recession. They are saying that a No Deal Brexit will result in a far bigger recession than happened back then. Are you and the Brexiteers taking any heed? No.
        When it started to go pear-shaped, which happened very rapidly, I think there was a major panic. There would be wouldn’t there? The implications were obvious. There was an attempt to avert the disaster created by the collapse of the sub-prime market and the fall of banks. There was a domino effect. They frantically tried to shore it up and prevent it. The reason why Britain was more affected was due to them being a major banking country. They borrowed from where they could. If it had worked they would have staved off the recession. Unfortunately they failed. If the Tories had been in charge at the time it would have been exactly the same. There was no control over it.
        Yes – Labour made some mistakes. The major one was not being scrupulous enough about regulating the bankers. They had been given too much freedom. But that all came out of Thatcher’s policies of deregulation didn’t it? Her daft deregulation policies was directly responsible for the BSE epidemic which destroyed out national herd. She also laid the seeds for that crash. It just took years to fester. Her and Reagan have a lot to answer for.
        I suppose you will allow the Tories to take the blame for Black Wednesday and the lamentable Lamont and Major and their atrocious management of finance?
        Or perhaps you might back Gordon Brown for his management when he was chancellor? That would be fair and nice wouldn’t it?

      5. You obviously do not understand school funding one little bit. Local Authorities do not have the slightest bit of control over a school’s budget. I received £3,500,000 and had complete control over how that was spent. Most of that went on staffing but I could decide that as well. I controlled it all. I would not call £3,500,000 petty cash.

      6. Labour = fail, fail, fail. They wrecked the economy.

        Had we not an annual bill of £50 Billion written off immediately paying back old debts, our GDP growth would be significantly greater.
        Just nine years to go to pay it all back. Half-way there already!
        It’s almost like war reparations only about twice as much. We should just pretend we just fought two world wars to justify the negligence and shortfalls in available funds for public expenditure.
        £50 Billion could go a long, long way and it’s a travesty that all these people responsible for that are now jet-setting around and believe it or not, advising others on such things as financial policies etc. It’s beyond a disgrace.

        Your Guardian (you read that shite?) is a forecast Opher. A forecast!
        Look at the numbers. The UK is well up there in maintaining a status quo.
        Many other member states are taking large slides.
        Germany of course will never slide because it controls all the EU money.

        Our debts have nothing to do with BSE! FFS!
        Cattle became infected because of farming stupidity and greed.
        All these farmers knew better but thought they’d take a chance. Had we had a ready supply of substitutes they could have been prosecuted, imprisoned and others to run the farming.

        You again have hung yourself out to dry with your Thatcher bullshit. So you think Thatcher laid the seeds for US home lending money crash?
        You’re a certified basket case.
        Economics is just not your deal.
        You stick to poetry and you’ll do just fine. Lol.

        The US Subprime mortgage crisis happened because of the following:
        The United States subprime mortgage crisis was a nationwide financial crisis, occurring between 2007 and 2010, that contributed to the U.S. recession of December 2007 – June 2009. It was triggered by a large decline in home prices after the collapse of a housing bubble, leading to mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures and the devaluation of housing-related securities. Declines in residential investment preceded the recession and were followed by reductions in household spending and then business investment. Spending reductions were more significant in areas with a combination of high household debt and larger housing price declines.

        That’s what happens Opher, when people get too many credit cards and start to stop paying them all back. It’s called spending more than you earn – a very common problem with idiots.

        The housing bubble preceding the crisis was financed with mortgage-backed securities (MBSes) and collateralised debt obligations (CDOs), which initially offered higher interest rates (i.e. better returns) than government securities, along with attractive risk ratings from rating agencies. While elements of the crisis first became more visible during 2007, several major financial institutions collapsed in September 2008, with significant disruption in the flow of credit to businesses and consumers and the onset of a severe global recession.

        That’s an incredible amount of money for UK to have borrowed in two short years before Labours departure. The crisis hit in 2007 and Labour were kicked out in 2009.
        I think they had racked up that £900 Billion debt loan in total over many years shoring up a disaster of an economic policy.

        There were many causes of the crisis, with commentators assigning different levels of blame to financial institutions, regulators, credit agencies, government housing policies, and consumers, among others. Two proximate causes were the rise in subprime lending and the increase in housing speculation. The percentage of lower-quality subprime mortgages originated during a given year rose from the historical 8% or lower range to approximately 20% from 2004 to 2006, with much higher ratios in some parts of the U.S. A high percentage of these subprime mortgages, over 90% in 2006 for example, were adjustable-rate mortgages. Housing speculation also increased, with the share of mortgage originations to investors (i.e. those owning homes other than primary residences) rising significantly from around 20% in 2000 to around 35% in 2006–2007. Investors, even those with prime credit ratings, were much more likely to default than non-investors when prices fell. These changes were part of a broader trend of lowered lending standards and higher-risk mortgage products, which contributed to U.S. households becoming increasingly indebted. The ratio of household debt to disposable personal income rose from 77% in 1990 to 127% by the end of 2007.

        That’s what happens when stupid lenders lend too much out to greedy speculators who fancy for themselves a second home, a third home perhaps. What the fuck that’s got to do with Thatcher, only you will know.

        When U.S. home prices declined steeply after peaking in mid-2006, it became more difficult for borrowers to refinance their loans. As adjustable-rate mortgages began to reset at higher interest rates (causing higher monthly payments), mortgage delinquencies soared. Securities backed with mortgages, including subprime mortgages, widely held by financial firms globally, lost most of their value. Global investors also drastically reduced purchases of mortgage-backed debt and other securities as part of a decline in the capacity and willingness of the private financial system to support lending. Concerns about the soundness of U.S. credit and financial markets led to tightening credit around the world and slowing economic growth in the U.S. and Europe.

        Yup, Thatcher’s fault. Any fool can see that.
        Well done Opher for spotting that, because without you, I’d never ever have known all that.

      7. Oh no it isn’t. You yourself admitted that they were in the black! They managed the economy far better than the Tories. You are using the world recession as an excuse.
        You are making feeble excuses for a highly corrupt, disgusting government that is totally incompetent. They have put every public service into crisis, have our economy stagnating and have presided over huge wealth redistribution to the top end. Diabolical.
        Perhaps they should shut down the tax loopholes, take back the huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and use that money to pay off the debt?
        As is obvious to all of us, apart from you, there is no Brexit dividend. The separation is going to cost us billions. We are all going to be worse off – except for the rich bastards like Johnson and Mogg who have already taken their assets abroad.
        At least be honest about it. You want to chuck the EU and are willing to take a big hit to do it.
        You and your kids may well be able to do that. Most people haven’t got that luxury.

      8. Opher – I think you said it was a “multi-million pound” budget. But it was only 3.5? That’s not multi-million in anybody’s book.
        The level of your responsibilities were determined by your governing body and in your case, as it was an ordinary state school, the local education authority.
        Automatically 80-85% on your annual budget goes on salaries and contracts.
        So, technically you’re down to the spare change of about £2,000 a day running costs which you were directly responsible for.
        I do the books on the side for a taxi firm that spends more than that on petrol every day.

      9. So £3.5 million is not multimillion?? Is English your first language?
        What is it that you do not understand about managing a £3,500,000 budget? Yes staffing does make up a huge chunk of it and that staffing has to be carefully planned and deployed. Staff come and go and replacement has to be managed and it is not like for like replacement.
        I reported to my governing body. They were not involved in decision making on anything. Why would you put amateurs in charge of anything? Likewise the Local Authority had no involvement. The only time they become involved is if things go pear-shaped.
        Yes I am very aware of managing a multimillion budget which is one reason why I could appreciate that Labour did such a good job that benefitted ordinary people unlike the nasty, greedy, selfish Tories whose sole purpose is to service themselves and their rich chums.

  5. Opher – You really should not argue with me on matters of money. You really don’t know what you are talking about. Trust me on that.
    We have been in the black just twice these last 50 years. 4 years under Labour and 4 years under Tory. And I’m repeating myself as I’ve previously told you this.

    Secondly, You accuse me of using the world recession as an excuse? So what the hell have you been doing? You use it as excuse at every turn when the massive Labour incurred debt ever gets mentioned. “Oh, it was the recession”, you repeat-repeat like a programmed parrot.

    This is what you said Opher and when you said it. You did this no less than on four counts.

    15 Jan at 4:16 pm, you said:
    “You are so daft Sarah – so very daft. Is there something you don’t understand about world recessions?? Seemingly everything.”

    You cite world recession as root cause. Oh and btw, it looked to me as if Sarah very much understood. As for you, well read on …

    16 Jan at 9:23am, you said:
    “I hardly think the Labour Party were involved in the American sub-prime market which triggered the world recession.”

    You said it again second time.

    16 Jan at 9:37am, you said:
    “I see that you have been brainwashed into this right-wing shit. World recessions somehow don’t register in your head. It was all Labour’s fault.”

    You said it again third time.

    16 Jan at 6:30pm, you said:
    “There was an attempt to avert the disaster created by the collapse of the sub-prime market and the fall of banks. There was a domino effect. They frantically tried to shore it up and prevent it. The reason why Britain was more affected was due to them being a major banking country.”

    You said it again fourth time.
    The bit about Britain was more affected etc was very funny. Think Switzerland? With about 10 times more money in UK banking. A very major player.
    What effects did it have on them Opher that they needed £900 Billion? Lol

    You also said this: “The major one was not being scrupulous enough about regulating the bankers. They had been given too much freedom. But that all came out of Thatcher’s policies of deregulation didn’t it?”

    What had Thatcher got to do with how world banking works? Lol
    You could not be more deluded.

    Finally on 17 Jan at 12:19am, you said:
    “They (Labour) managed the economy far better than the Tories. You are using the world recession as an excuse.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really just say that?
    I’m using world recession as an excuse? Me? Look at all your posts Opher, one after the other on FOUR of your reply posts.

    You’ve obviously lost the plot. You’ve realised quietly in a sort of word-to-self “fuck-me” basis that you’re on a complete loser with me. I’ll completely crucify you on anything to do with monetary issues. My short precise on the US Subprime mortgage crisis is beyond your capacity to formulate any kind of reply.

    Opher, you are completely stranded way out of your depth here.
    Why persist in making a tit of yourself?
    I think it’s time to retreat to the poetry corner, don’t you?

    1. Sal – I shall continue to put you right while you continue to talk utter bollocks. You should go back to the Labour administration and see that not only did they manage the economy properly and had four years of being in the black but also put the money into our public services and inner city regeneration and not just into the pockets of rich Tory bastards.

  6. Opher – Do you now want to attempt to describe the reasons for Labour seemingly having to borrow such huge sums from 2007. No, don’t bother, there’s no need. We know the why’s and the what’s all too readily.
    I think it is obvious to everybody – except you – that Labour had been borrowing huge sums to shore up their useless economic policy since Bliar became PM in 1997. For all these years they’d been lying and cheating the country. Gordone Drown just did the final flurry finishing off bit, maxing out at a nice round figure of £900 Billion.
    That’s a lot of schools, hospitals, new homes, jobs, trains, business start-up grants, pension funds, police, and higher interest rates for my bank account.
    And you want these criminal fuckers back in the job? With anti-Semite Corbyn, all the real money people – the Jews – will take a double turn. Could you for even a nanosecond ever see Diane Abbott running a Home Secretaries national budget?
    She couldn’t manage my grand children’s weekly pocket money.

    And did you see her car crash on Question Time last night? It was beyond belief.
    She absolutely committed political suicide. Fiona Bruce made a complete cunt of her.
    That audience in Derby also very much thought the same and loudly laughed at her. It was wonderful TV. The audience also in their entirety seemed to have a collective opinion at the entire opposite of you. And Derby’s as left-wing working class rough as it gets.
    They were all for Brexit. They just want Labour to get their act together and start working on a deal agreement once and for all. The consensus of opinion is that if Corbyn can talk to Hamas, then he can talk to Theresa May. Fiona Bruce brought that point up and it took the roof off. Abbott slid off her chair with a face like fizz.
    She’s over post-Brexit, she’s done and I very much think Corbyn is too. His #2 is very busy muscling in there, isn’t he? Another snake – same pit.

    1. Don’t be daft Sal. The whole financial system was collapsing. It was disastrous. Our whole economy depends on it. They were desperately trying to shore it up. If the Tories had been in power they would have had to do exactly the same. In fact there is precedence when the Tories did very similar.
      Gosh you do have such a nasty streak.

      1. I’m being daft? Look what I’ve contributed Opher. You cannot ever call me daft. Not for a second would anybody think that as anything like an appropriate comment.
        Your trousers have fallen down for all to see.
        Wrong! You fail on every single turn. I’ve blown all your bullshit nonsense juvenile conjecture right off the page. You’ve nothing left but the usual leftist shite that they come up with after taking yet another intellectual drubbing.
        You still don’t get it, do you?
        The shit didn’t hit the fan until 2007. Labour left in 2009.
        So in just 2 years Labour needed £900 Billion to run the UK? Seriously?
        As a matter of complete fact, I can tell you that no Conservative government ever borrowed anything remotely like that kind of money. In fact the last time they did borrow such large sums was from America in WW2. I thing there’s a world of difference between a the running costs to defend a nation in a world war than the running costs of a domestic economic policy.
        As I said before, that £900 Billion had been racked up year after year, failed policy after failed policy to the extent they simply threw the towel in.

        So tell when the Tories – outwith WW2 – had to borrow anywhere near that?
        I challenge you to prove your mystery precedence?
        (Precendence? – I think you’re using the wrong word there Opher. In fact, I know you are).
        That’s what happens when people flick through their Thesaurus too quickly trying to find a word to impress upon others that they at least have a modicum of command of something. Invariably it can go tits up.

        If there’s one thing the Tories cannot be accused of is to take precedence with borrowing huge sums of money over being in power. That’s a fact.

      2. There you are – if you go making daft statements people will say you’re daft. You’ve blown nothing but your own nose. You obviously find simple things hard to understand and have a high opinion of yourself.

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