The utter incompetence of our politicians – a litany of mistakes!!

The whole Brexit business has split the country into warring tribes. It has already cost us a fortune, prolonged austerity and the worst is yet to come.

The Tories have made a complete pig’s ear out of it all. Every step along the way they have done the wrong thing.

  1. Cameron should never have pandered to the far right nationalists.
  2. Cameron and Osborne should never have called a referendum on something as complex as this.
  3. The referendum should never have been a binary referendum.
  4. The option to leave, on such a momentous event, should never have been a simple majority.
  5. The campaign should never have been so badly run, so lacking in detail, so complacent – so badly prepared.
  6. Once the referendum was done Cameron and Osborne should have stayed on to deal with the mess they had made instead of running away.
  7. May should never have pandered to her right-wing nationalists.
  8. May should never have drawn up her red lines.
  9. May should have formed a cross-party Brexit group representing all views and all the country to sort out how to go out.
  10. May should never have triggered article 50 before arriving at consensus on how we wanted to go out.
  11. Brexit is not Brexit. Brexit is many types of Brexit. This stupid phrase should not have been repeated as if everyone agreed with what May meant by it. There was a very diverse view of what Brexit meant.
  12. May should never have put Davies in charge of negotiating.
  13. May should have realised that she had no chance of getting her version of Brexit through parliament without cross party consensus and involvement and spent two years of wasted negotiation.
  14. The 48% of the population who voted Remain should not have been completely ignored.

Now we are in a complete mess. The shit has hit the fan. We are at an impasse. There is no consensus. The country is split. Firms are leaving. There is no investment. We are paralysed.

What a bunch of incompetent political morons!! Could they have handled it any worse??

15 thoughts on “The utter incompetence of our politicians – a litany of mistakes!!

  1. If the EU was any good in the first place, Labour would never have needed to borrow hundreds of billions of pounds.
    Have you so much as looked any further than the end of your nose? Look what’s happening all over Europe. The vast majority of EU citizens are done with EU legislation and policy. In many respects it is over where countries such as Austria are tearing up EU immigration policy.

      1. You could not be more wrong.
        Go watch the Euro news and get your head out your backside.
        The EU is suffocating itself and when a country such as Austria tears up it’s immigration policy that should tell you all you need to know.
        But when you know nothing to start with – what chance have you got? Lol.
        Never in the history of the EU has there been such seriously severe malcontent.

      2. You are beginning to sound like a broken record with your ever growing list of all things EU that need sorting out. At what point will you think to yourself … wait a minute?
        See France yesterday with 80,000 of it’s police deployed to deal with demonstrations. It would appear that because Macron has agreed to implement the EU’s latest migrant intake policy, the population at large vehemently disagree. They are through with all of the EU’s lunacy. Quite right too and the only way to go.

      1. Very condescending Sarah – as I understand it – the gross inequality, low wages, rising taxes, racial tensions and immigration all have a role in this. As with things here where austerity has fuelled the problem and the funnelling of wealth to the top end creates anger.

      2. What rising taxes? In France? Ah, right, you mean the proposed Fuel Tax rises.
        That is not actually what you meant was it? You thought it was income tax, didn’t you?

        Bullshit. The reasons for protest in France are very different from her. One word answers my original question. Macron. Full stop. You need to understand just how much he is hated.
        I see you carefully put racial tensions and immigration at the end of your list! After gross inequality? In France? Gross inequality? Lol. You don’t half talk utter shite.
        You haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on in France, have you? Lol.

      3. Sarah – you have an extremely rude and arrogant tone. I do not mind discussing these things but not while you adopt such an ignorant manner.
        You really believe that the French are happy with the way the Macron government is pandering to the rich?

      4. If you want to avoid an arrogant tone, then don’t sit there spewing arrogance at me such as “ha ha the EU is going from strength to strength” and giving absolutely nothing to back up a single morsel of that stupid claim. And the reason you don’t is because there isn’t any to be had. You made that all up your pompous and self-serving self.
        Like I was born yesterday? Like I’m another of your lobotomised kids in a classroom.
        Dream on sunshine boy.

        Macron is a populist leftist shill who is causing a lot of problems. He has described the changes that he wants to implement for France as of reforming the sclerotic French state to a “Copernican revolution”. As a scientist, you should already understand what Copernician is.
        Many, many French people hear very loud alarm bells with that.
        They are demonstrating against the shocking state of many of France’s cities as they stand today and Macron’s defence of the European Project.
        They are also not at all happy with the fact that Macron has signed the UN Global Pact as governed by the EU. This will allow some 56 million immigrants to come into Europe unhindered. Apparently it has been written as an addition to Human Rights.
        In short, it is now a Human Right for completely unskilled Africans to head straight to Europe. Because both Hungary and Poland have both said “you must be joking”, both have had their EU voting rights suspended.
        Interestingly, despite Austria having torn up this proposal they have not had their voting rights suspended because they are best pals with the Germans and the Swiss.
        The Swiss, by the way, are not even members of the EU, so remain completely unaffected. Their borders remain as tight as a chastity belt.
        Meanwhile, in France the people are going ape-shit about it. The imminent dangers to France are potentially worse than they were under Nazism.
        This Globalist Agenda has even seen criticism from George Soros himself, and that is saying something. He is of the opinion that the EU will destroy itself over this huge anti-social issue and will destroy every facet of trusting relationship.
        The EU have already incurred a huge amount of damage into the general consensus of the EU as it is. More and more nation state members are objecting.
        The EU leadership have created two distinct factions – the Creditors and the Debtors.
        This has done serious damage to unity and any reversal process is impossible.
        In real terms the EU has no territory. It has real estate in Brussels and Strasbourg. It uses the terms, the trappings, the symbols of nationhood, of statehood, yet it really has none at all.
        Actually, although it’s against the nation state, it’s the result of the common agreement among 28 nation states. Too many people forget this very basic premise.
        More member states than ever before are also considering just how better off they would be with a World Trade Agreement.

        Btw, here’s some more on Switzerland and their deal with their EU bezzy mates.
        Switzerland signed a free-trade agreement with the then European Economic Community in 1972, which entered into force in 1973.

        Switzerland is a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and took part in negotiating the European Economic Area (EEA) agreement with the European Union. It signed the agreement on 2 May 1992, and submitted an application for accession to the EU on 20 May 1992. However, after a Swiss referendum held on 6 December 1992 rejected EEA membership by 50.3% to 49.7%, the Swiss government decided to suspend negotiations for EU membership until further notice. These did not resume and in 2016, Switzerland formally withdrew its application for EU membership.
        And yet the EU are intent on fucking us over!
        Their wholesale corruption is deplorable.
        If our general population wasn’t so damned stupid and uneducated – and they bloody are – we would never have taken any of this shit from these EU thieves.

        The Swiss can get on without any trouble with an extremely narrow 50.3 – 49.7 vote result. Yet we can have a 52 – 48, and all the leftists are throwing tantrums.
        We have such damnable immature people here, we really do. Just what they think that they have in common with some other Euro nations, I’ll never know. And neither do these dumb-fuck people, I suspect.
        Hey-ho, way to go as always, down the route prescribed by the throng masses of the LCD crowd.

        That little lot should give you some food for thought.
        I look forward to your intelligent forethought in further discourse.

  2. Opher – I think you’re on a loser here. Listen to the facts. They speak for themselves.

    Macron? Look at his history Opher. He’s only been a centrist for about three years. What was he doing for all these years before?
    Macron was appointed Deputy Secretary General to the President by François Hollande in May 2012. He was appointed Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in August 2014 under the Second Valls government, where he pushed through business-friendly reforms. He resigned in August 2016 to launch a bid in the 2017 presidential election. After being a member of the Socialist Party from 2006 to 2009, Macron ran in the election under the banner of a centrist political movement he founded in April 2016, En Marche!.

    He won the election on 7 May 2017 with 66.1% of the vote in the second round. At age 39, Macron became the youngest President of France in history and appointed Édouard Philippe to be Prime Minister. In the June 2017 legislative elections, Macron’s party, renamed “La République en marche” (LREM), together with its ally the Democratic Movement (MoDem), secured a majority in the National Assembly.

    Hollande began his political career as a special advisor to newly elected President François Mitterrand, before serving as a staffer for Max Gallo, the government’s spokesman. He became a member of the National Assembly in 1988 and was elected First Secretary of the Socialist Party in 1997. Following the 2004 regional elections won by the Socialists, Hollande was cited as a potential presidential candidate, but resigned as First Secretary and was immediately elected to replace Jean-Pierre Dupont as President of the General Council of Corrèze in 2008. In 2011, Hollande announced that he would be a candidate in the primary election to select the Socialist Party presidential nominee; he won the nomination and was elected President of France on 6 May 2012 during the second-round of voting with 51.6% of the vote against incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

    For anybody to suppose Macron is not a Socialist – left-wing – would be tantamount to stupidity.

  3. Opher – Let me ask you this. I know Sarah Barker as an active contributor on several other sites. Although our paths seldom cross, we do have an awareness of each others points of view.
    I find her to be a person who ALWAYS backs herself up with facts. Something that I’m afraid to say is a complete failure on your part. Earlier today I spotted another comment elsewhere where she announced that she has found herself barred on your site. Barred for what? Displaying the truth? Really, you have a great deal to learn.

    1. Lol – where there’s a coincidence!
      Strange that. I thought you two were twins.
      I also haven’t noticed her backing up what she says with facts. She seems to choose her ‘facts’ very carefully to suit her own prejudice. But there you go. That’s par for the course.
      No I don’t bar many people – just abusive trolls.
      I have a blog policy to remove abusive comments and personal abuse. I decide what fits that category.
      Sarah isn’t barred at all. I just removed the more abusive of her responses. I don’t have to put up with abuse and personal insults.
      Some people are capable of debating issues intelligently without resorting to nastiness and personal put-downs, others aren’t.
      If Sarah, or anyone else, wants to debate in a pleasant manner then I will reply in similar tone. If she, or anyone else, becomes unpleasant, arrogant and abusive I will simply deplete the comments.
      Interesting to hear how you two separate people communicate.

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