Do repressed cultures create violence and misogyny?

Well I wrote this a while ago when ISIS was in the ascendancy. Now the caliphate has failed and ISIS is being systematically defeated I wonder what those young men think? They’ve seen their jubilant comrades blown to bits and maimed. Do they still believe they’ll go to paradise or is the doubt setting in? Do they still believe that Allah wanted them to rape, pillage and kill?
I hope that they are waking up to the reality. They’ve been conned and used.

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At present there are thousands of young men streaming in to fight for the caliphate of ISIS/ISIL. They are all fired up to defend the values of Islam against the influence of the West.

So what are the things that are things that are attracting them? Well, as with all wars, there is the excitement and comradeship of fighting for a cause. There is also the desire to be seen as a hero, a real brave man, to do heroic deeds and be respected. There is the added attraction of sex. They can take their Jihadi brides, rape infidel women, and sate their sexual appetites in a way that would be impossible within the constraints of their culture.

ISIS is attractive because it is the Rock ‘n’ Roll of religion. The young men have freedoms they never dreamed of. They can kill, rape and destroy to their heart’s content. They don’t…

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5 thoughts on “Do repressed cultures create violence and misogyny?

  1. How did you get to thinking the Caliphate has failed? Who told you that? Lol.
    Are you not the very one to brandish accusations of racist and Islamaphobe out whenever anybody else questions the epidemic of Muslim rape gangs operating in UK?

    1. The Caliphate has been beaten back and lost nearly all of its territory with the death of great numbers of fighters. It is now restricted to an underground group again.
      I’ve heard all the exaggerations about the rape gangs. Lock the bastards up but don’t go around trying to tell me that all Muslims are like that or that the Muslim 5% is taking over and about to impose Sharia law. That’s bollocks.

      1. To which particular Caliphate do you refer? As I cannot for the life of me grasp what on earth it is that you are trying to say here.
        The Caliphate is an ideology, not an army or bunch of fighters.
        A Caliphate is an Islamic state under the leadership of an Islamic steward with the title of Caliph, a person considered a religious successor to the Islamic prophet Muhammad and a leader of the entire ummah (community).
        There are 45 Muslim nations in the world. Not all are governed by a Caliph, but most of them are.
        Please understand what a Caliphate actually is before making any more completely uneducated comments.

        5%!? So you believe that figure do you? It’s been 5% for years, yet they still flood in and they breed more Muslims. I would suggest it’s a great deal more than just 5%.

        I didn’t mention any going around trying to tell you anything about taking over or imposing Sharia Law. That’s all of your own making and your paranoia.
        But do you really believe that Muslims are not practising Sharia Law now this moment in UK, between themselves? You are a very naive person.

      2. Opher – It seems to have gone all quiet in your corner. You didn’t perhaps say something that you now wished you hadn’t said? Surely you must be used to that by now?
        Do you want to start again on “The Caliphate has been beaten back” bit? That would be a good starting point.

      3. Sarah – obviously I am referring to the ISIS Caliphate:
        “Isis has said it is establishing a caliphate, or Islamic state, on the territories it controls in Iraq and Syria. It also proclaimed the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as caliph and “leader for Muslims everywhere”.
        Didn’t you know that?
        At the time they controlled much of Iraq and Syria and looked as if they might actually take the whole of those countries. They have now been driven out of most of that land.
        Yes – of course I know what A Caliphate is. We’ve had a number of failed ones. This is the latest.
        Yes it used to be 4% but it has risen to 5% – not the 50% you imagine it to be in your nightmares.
        I have no liking for Islam. I think it is an extremely intolerant and backward thinking religion. But then I don’t like any religions – particularly radical ones. They are all obnoxious. But fortunately most Muslims are not radical.
        Of course some Muslims are practicing Sharia Law and this is sanctioned – though who knows why. As long as they keep to British law I suppose that is up to them.

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