The Disease of More!

Wanting more is a disease!

One only has to see these multibillionaires to see that. It is addictive. They can never get enough to satisfy their lust for more. It is more addictive than crack cocaine. They will destroy rainforests, exploit millions of people, pollute, cut pay, cut health and safety for workers, cause death and misery, and destroy the planet in order to accumulate more wealth when they already have more than they could ever spend.

One only has to look at the politicians. There is no end to their lust for power. They will start wars, invade countries, spread lies, create division and foster hatred in order to gain more power.

This operates on every level – from sports people, Rock stars and Movie stars to the caretakers and clerks.

There is an element of self-worth. We all seem to think we are worth more and compare ourselves to others around us. We swim in different pools and only compare ourselves to our fellows of similar fortune and above.

It is no good someone in a poor council flat with indoor loos, central heating, wall to wall carpet, plentiful food, TV and warm clothes comparing their lifestyle with that of Kings from long ago who had to endure cold, cold water washes, seasonal food and dank castles. The comfort they now live in is superior to that of Kings. But they compare themselves to millionaires instead and dream of winning the lottery, driving sports cars and living in a mansion with a swimming pool. While Rock and Film stars have their mansions, swimming pools and sports cars and find it is not enough. They want more.

When will people ever be satisfied? Can anybody ever get enough wealth, power and status or must we destroy the world trying?

4 thoughts on “The Disease of More!

  1. Namaste Opher πŸ™‚

    You are right to suggest the propensity towards wanting more – especially the acquisition of perceived wealth – is an insidious addiction…one which strips the individual of their true, fundamental worth and replaces it with an arbitrary, abstract notion called ‘value’. We are like selfish grabbing Magpies lured by shiny, superficial aesthetic without caring what crap we accumulate or at what cost to either the Earth or our fellow man.

    Greed is a disease drip-feeding the soul, when will it end, nobody knows. But until it does there will always be suffering in this world, and that is tragic. The historical consequences of lusting for money remains an indelible stain on our infantile species.

    I’m off for a wander along a lakeside path. Catch ya later alligator.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. I couldn’t agree more Opher! Superfluous consumption of finite resources to satiate excessive consumerism. Why do we do this? An example of such nonsense highlighting wastage occurs in the automotive industry – the number of different car types produced in 2017 – in the U.S alone there were 237 existing and 38 new car models offered in that market.

        It is a mad, mad, mad world. The sooner we stop the world turning on an axis of idiots gold the better. Or better still, let’s just get rid of the idiots and keep the world! πŸ˜€

        Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. Dewin – I’m all for getting rid of the idiots who are ruining our planet!
        With the deployment of some intelligence we can easily live a great life alongside nature so that both of us prosper. Unfortunately greed and selfishness seem to trump intelligence. We are being led by blind avarice!
        We need a revolution!

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