Inequality – one of the apalling consequences of the system. 8 people own as much as half the world’s population – 3.6 Billion people!

Inequality grows daily! What are our politicians doing?

Opher's World

There is one thing that really winds me up and that is unfairness.

To me a person should receive a fair wage for a job. It should reflect their training, skills and effort. It should not be different because of your gender, race or geographical location.

I know we are a long, long way off but I would like to see a world where there was not the huge disparity between pay or huge inequalities.

The system has a life of its own. It is inexorably bulldozing its way around the world exploiting labour, exploiting natural resources and devastating the planet for profit. The people guiding this greedy lust for more and more are wealthy and powerful. They run huge multinational corporations and businesses. Their mantra is always escalation and they are never satisfied with how much they have. It is an addictive game. They always want more.

They live in…

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