EU Power Efficiency Laws prove effective!!

Great news for the environment!

Laws concerning the efficiency of electrical appliances initiated by the EU have succeeded in cutting our electricity bills by 25%.

EU Legislation has caused the manufacturers of electrical appliances to become more efficient. Our fridges, hoovers, ovens, kettles and other appliances now use much less energy to do the same job. This has not only saved us money on our bills but has reduced the need to burn fossil fuels to make our electricity which is great for the environment. When coupled with the introduction of LED lights this has reduced our electricity use by a quarter. Great stuff!!

At a time when over a third of our electricity is produced by alternative, non-polluting, renewable energy sources, this is brilliant.

The future of our planet does not mean we have to live like hermits in austere houses. It just means that we have to become much more efficient with our energy use (and conservation) and to produce it with non-polluting sources. It is possible!

So well done!!

4 thoughts on “EU Power Efficiency Laws prove effective!!

  1. This report was on the BBC news a couple of days ago read to us like it was a new news item! Anybody with half an eye on the shares markets would have known all about this ten years ago.
    The BBC is a strange animal these days. It completely ignores what it doesn’t politically support such as the social revolution currently underway in France with mass demonstrations one after the other and yet makes a meal out of something as innocuous as this item. I seldom pay any attention to it anymore as it now operates so far off the reality of what’s actually happening.

    1. Well I didn’t get it from the BBC but regardless of its origin it is something worth praising. It’s nice to have something positive in these days of negativity.

      1. Really? Funny how you post first appeared shortly that same morning after their bulletin. Must be what we call serendipity. But I doubt it.
        It’s old news. Very old news. It’s a ruse to keep your mind off reality. Seems to have worked out that way too.

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